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  1. To put this to rest (at least for now): Yes, there is specific blocking of music videos (and other copyrighted content) on the iPhone. Yes, it is very annoying. However, this is not being done by Apple on the device end. It is being done by Youtube, most likely in agreement with the record companies. How do I know? I downloaded an extension for Firefox called User Agent Switcher, which lets you choose how your browser will be identified on various websites. So I set it to identify as an iPhone. And guess what? Videos stopped working. Specifically, I got a screen that looked like this: This means that it's not the iPhone itself (or Apple) blocking these videos. It's Youtube, restricting access when the request appears to come from an iPhone. Also, MiTube has since been pulled from the App store. Are there any decent workarounds for those of us who have chosen not to jailbreak? I know Vevo has since released a free iPhone app, which works well. However, there are some videos that Vevo doesn't have, such as the Rammstein video in my example. So I'm still left looking for a solution.