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  1. When you mean compile is that an option to do so? Am I just adding that text in my dsdt? Or replacing a set of text? Thanks for clarifying the other info. = )
  2. Compile and fix any errors. Remove any block storage injectors. Reset your permissions and rebuild your kernelcache. I know how reset permissions, but not rebuild cache. Not sure what u mean compile and fix errors or remove block storage injectors.
  3. I've pretty much read as much as i could find on this. Ive tried muti-beast and have had no success. I had a windows drive NTFS showing external. I formatted to Extended Journal and of course its still showing external. Its weird because my 2 other SSD's show internal. Ive tried switching sata ports, repairing permissions, formatting, muti-beast. The only thing i haven't tried was a DSDT edit. I have no experience doing that. = / Any have this same issue and/or found a fix?