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  1. Hi I a couple of months ago I bought an External USB card. It's hardware information is Device ID: 0x0194 PCI Revision: 0x0004 PCI vendor: 0x1033 I've tried everything. I tried the generic USB driver but also updating the firmware, changing the device ID and then again the Generic USB driver. But i had no success at all. The system profile shows the card, but no drive get mounted when I connect it, not even USB2 drives.... what am I doing wrong?????
  2. I have a Renessas card with uPD720200A chipset I install the universal driver and it detects my card. If I plug a USB2 drive it detects it and mounts it with no problem. But on the System profiler it's not shown. If I plug in a USB3 hard drive (a Toshiba 1Tb usb3 drive) it doesn't mount it. The drive light goes crazy on and off, but it doesn't mount it. Any hints on how can this be solved? thanks