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  1. Sir, my pc hardware is list as below GA-Z270X-Gaming5 i7-7700K Nvidia GTX 950 Bios vision is F10b my file is attatched Please help me edit DSDT and correct my cloverconfig.plist ~~~~~~ Thank you so much~ Send me Lendons-iMac-Pro.zip
  2. more over, I forget to say that: I flash the new f10b bios, I used to use f8.... maybe the new bios vision different ? I did use that new USB path you told me with cloverconfig
  3. Sir I used to use your Files for my GA-Z270X-Gaming5 but now I can't use it correctly eith 10.13.6 + usb 3 and 3.1 please help me again.... thanks this is my file my bios is here http://download.gigabyte.cn/FileList/BIOS/mb_bios_ga-z270x-gaming5_f10b.zip Lendon-send_me.zip
  4. Hi MaLd0n here is my files and please help me the DSDT ! sometimes my pc can't work with my usb port correctly usb port will work slow or can't detect usb flash drive? my pc is as blow: MB: GA-Z270X-Gaming5、Bios F8 CPU: i7-7700K RAM:16G x2 VGA: Nvidia GTX950 2G Wifi: BCM94360CD and this is my clover florder Lendon’s Mac Pro.ioreg.zip Send me Lendon’s Mac Pro.zip CLOVER.zip