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  1. deim

    Jurryt Visser Portfolio

    nice stuff you've got here. i like it... some parts could use a little more work but still nice stuff
  2. deim

    Critiques Please

    hi, from the first logo to the one one the website i see a great change. nice on the website I would pay attention to the buttons.. you have a rounder rectangle as a base for the site and then the buttons are not. also, you have all that smoke thing going on an then you have those 3 green areas, i dont think that they fit in all that well. the portfolio button was not working :\ that was sad.. well, it's going nice.
  3. deim

    Rate my phtography.

    hi Poe_, i liked your photos, i think you are good at it but, i think they lack a little bit of personality...something more you.. you have a good eye, we can see that by the nature photos (a little more contrast wouldn't hurt i think). keep it up here is a link to my photos at flickr. tell me what you think about them
  4. deim

    after effects foundry keylight

    it's a free download on foundry website...
  5. hi...how did you install on sony? I have a friend with a Vaio FE21M and we cant make it boot to mac ... it installs good but acronis just finds windows partition and making the osx partition active gives mbr error. i've tried 10.4.6 and 10.4.8 - 8.8.1..
  6. deim

    Advantages, Pro and Cons, etc.

    hi, i'm a design student and i use both.. as it was said on the post above you realy dont have much to lose if you install both OS (like i do) what do you have to gain as a designer? well..at the moment i think nothing. photoshop is not unibin so is slower, as illustrator and so on (adobe products)... mid april with photoshop cs3 i think osx will be great...almost virus free and very stabel...you can work, you can websurf..and if you dont mess it up it wont fail ( i hope). like ther's no need for antivirus nor antispy your pc equipment could in theory work better. can you realy switch? i think i'll keep xp installed...that i know that will work... but for a graphic designer, if you have a free afternoon, you have to try installing it
  7. hi. I have a friend with a Vaio FE21M and we cant make it boot to mac... acronis just finds windows partition and making the os partition active gives mbr error....any idea?
  8. well... Cant upgrade. i've done all the steps but when i reboot it just wont go to mac. just reboots after the loadings...no visual screen.. the 10.4.6 worked fine specs: PIV prescott 3.2Ghz SSE3 revisionD0 chipset via 1Gb ram grafic card nvidia 6200 agp.. any ideas?