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  1. I cant get my GPU working after 10.6.8 update. It was working with graphicsenabler yes with 10.6.7, but when i updated it no longer works at full res. (1920 * 1080)
  2. Loaded_Kexts.txt This shows /Extra contents, and all the kexts loaded using KextWizard loaded function.... GraphicsEnabler Yes Kernel mach_kernel Kernel Flags -v arch=x86_64 cpus=1 maxmem=2048 npci=0x2000 PciRoot 1 Timeout 5 Kernel Flags How do i show you my DSDT?
  3. Ok, im running SL in 64 bit now, everything seems to work ok, however still using cpus=1 maxmem=2048 Is there any way around this? Will i be able to upgrade to Lion?
  4. Right okay, so using maxmem=2048 and cpus=1 reduces the load on these components thus reducing the temperature? Nothing to do with compatibility of them with OSX / wrong kexts used etc? I have water cooling on my CPU!!!
  5. Yes i did! An old HDD was plugged in and i didnt realise - took it out and now error has gone - phew! Is there a fix for the cpus=1 and maxmem=2048 ? I seem to be running smoothly, just watched an avi no problems.
  6. OK, switched the wires over - now HDD is slave and DVD is master, 80 pin wire. Booting normally gets this error 'the disk you inserted was not readable by this computer' and PC locks up, however... Booting with cpus=1 & maxmem=2048 gives same error, but hasnt locked up yet... (im typing in OS X as we speak!) Will try video....
  7. Really sorry i wasnt very clear, im trying to watch the movie from one of the SATA drives (its an avi file). Havent got into 64bit mode yet, so using the NForceATA kext in the support files in #1
  8. I was using VLC. Booted with debug=0x100, and got to desktop. Came up with apple (big red stop sign) error 'this disk is not readable etc', then locked up again. Time was still changing though! Any ideas?
  9. There is no padlock displayed bottom right.... Is that because drives are formatted NTFS? EDIT - When watching a video, I get about 2 mins in and the pc locks up. However there is no obvious kernel panic, and the clock continues to change!
  10. Okay great, done everything above - im now booted into 32bit mode. Are there any tests that you would recommend i do to test the system? EDIT - i notice that i only have Read access to all the SATA drives....