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  1. leave the ApplePS2Mouse.kext intact and move the keyboard kext instead. still no luck in making ps2 mouse to work with the ps2 keyboard detach.
  2. abubin, any luck using usb keyboard & ps2 mouse without ps2 keyboard plugged in? i had to attach the ps2 keyboard to be able to use ps2 mouse.
  3. i have a ms ergo 4000 usb keyboard that i frequently used. The problem is that i need to attach the ps2 keyboard when booting leopard to be able to use my ps2 mouse. Is there a way around in this issue? usb keyboard + ps2 mouse.
  4. yaku

    Asus P5b-vm and Leopard

    Emilios, try using an external DVD drive USB/SATA. There is no problem with the installers but with the JMICRON controller. I should have bought Gigabyte mobo instead of this ASUS P5B-VM which has a lot of negative feedbacks. Good luck!