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  1. You need to boot it up, I found that just hitting enter at the chameleon screen is fine, no boot flags, they always gave kernal panics etc . . . once you get to the install screen open the "HARDWARE PROFILER" this will give you all the details you need to make the right choice. Also read kernal panics carefully, I refrained from using sleepenabler kext and changed the RTC to RTC(32bit) because of them. Also don't be tempted by checking the entire bunch of drivers, this could also cause problems. Just be specific and select the ones you need and that apply to your configuration directly! If you post back the hardware profile then we can start to decode the non sense and choose the appropriate drivers.
  2. Hi All, Situation: - Installed Snow Leopard using iAtkos S3 V2 on mu laptop - see specs below - Restart after successful installation - Gets to the bootloader screen, loads darwin, does something with the bios but then restarts, so quick I can't see whats causing the problem Laptop: - HP Pavilion ZD8369ea - ICH6 Family (82915G/P/GV/GL/PL/910GL) - Pentium 4 3.2ghz HT - 2gb Memory - 40GB IDE HDD - ATI RADEON MOBILITY X600 (there is support for this graphics card) - Realtek HD Sound - 8139/8139C (+) - Broadcom Wireless - BCM4318 - It doesnt support AHCI, checked option in iAtkos to install support iAtkos Options - AsereBLN 1.9 Bootloader - 32bit boot - Graphics Enabler - Extra Directory - fakesmc - Disabler - Evo Reboot - RTC 32bit - IDE/SATA Intel - All Sounds options - ATI enablers All the other normal options I've left ticked. Just changed RTC to 32 because of panic issues, left out sleep enabler and usb stuff, Tried all the bootloaders It uses ATI enablers, in the bootloader it sees the ATI Radeon Mobility X600 It use 32bit boot enabled from iAtkos, because its only 32bit machine I've used -v -x -s -f, they all give the same restart problem (no -v and it will get to the apple logo screen for a second and restart) I've used wait=yes, nothing happens So, Any Ideas would be great. This machine runs XP no problems, also runs Windows 7 marginally better. So it should cope with Snow Leopard no problem. Cheers
  3. Its because Apple don't make money on their OS, because you can only use it on Macs, and they come pre installed. Apple make all their money by selling Macs and hardware more specifically! Hence why OS is so Cheap!
  4. No1 Melman

    Does Kalyway Leo work with X600 moblility

    Has anyone got it to work with Snow Leopard I'm trying to use the iAtkos S3 version 2, which installs 10.6.3 I cannot get it to boot! I can install everything and get the os on the system, just can't boot the damn system! Im using a HP Pavilion zd8000 more specifically zd8369ea Pentium 4 3ghz HT Processor 2048 MB ram (single ram stick) ATI Mobility Radeon x600 Altec Lansing Speakers, Realtek HD Sound i do believe but not sure