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  1. Networking Problems w/ 10.4.8

    Hi , I have a similar problem but I have checked all the config you have advised and it all looks correct. The difference that I can see is that I cannot see my card as an Airport card and its not showing in the PCI positions. But it seems to be regestering as a built in ethernet after checking the mac address ... It is the same card as above and on first power up after istall it worked and I had internet but does not any more. Also very new to this so step by step would be most welcome. Cheers
  2. display freezes

    I have finaly got past the install stage but now I have the Apple screen in grey and the startup voice in the background. I'm running amd athlon 64 3000+ 2ghz 1gig ram abit KV8 PRO motherboard NVIDIA Geforce MX440 agp I have tried every install but this as far as I get
  3. File not found

    I have the same problem. When I list I have found amd_1048_new.txt but when I run it says that it has not patched any of the patches?