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  1. Καλησπέρα φίλε μου και συγχαρητήρια για τον οδηγο σου! Ξέρεις αν μπορω να ακολουθήσω τη διαδικασία που περιγραφεις σε toshiba satellite l300 19f; Αν γίνεται τότε να προχωρήσω στην αναβάθμιση. Ευχαριστω εκ των προτέρων για τη βοήθεια!
  2. no sound, usb, wifi on mackintosh

    usb and sound are working. Only wifi is not working.. Please give me an advice. The driver is the rtl8187b. I have already tried all the possible kexts for that but nothing is working.
  3. no sound, usb, wifi on mackintosh

    I just achieved to get internet but through ethernet not wifi.
  4. I installed the retail dvd of snow leopard and then update to 10.6.8 and there run ######, but now i don't have sound on my laptop, neither usb nor wifi. Please tell me how can i solve all these problems. My laptop is toshiba satellite l300-19f. Could somebody help me?? Thank you in advance!!
  5. problem with iAtkos s3 on toshiba notebook

    Finally, the problem was the usb stick that was used to boot from. I used cd to boot from boot and then everything is ok! Now i'm gonna give a try on usb, wifi, sound etc fix.
  6. problem with iAtkos s3 on toshiba notebook

    Sata controller is set to AHCI. I'm using usb stick to boot from, is this the problem? Am i doing something wrong? The only thing that i have not tried yet is to boot from dvd drive. What else can i do to get past of this problem? I always get the same screen as in the link of the first post.
  7. Hi, i own a toshiba satellite l300-19f and i would like to get Mac OS X on it. I'm trying to get it with iAtkos s3(through usb stick 8gb) and i get the following screen. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/402/img0481hs.jpg What can i do? I tried many flags but nothing happened. The method that i used to make my usb bootable and install on it the iatkos s3 is from http://konteudos.info/?p=3296.