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  1. Iatkos s3 v2 installed but can't boot noob

    I believe you burnt it to a "{censored}".That must have hurt alot. Now about that tutorial you followed try to read articles properly.If anything goes wrong then its most likely users fault. ITS SAYS ITS FOR INTEL CPUS loud and clear. installing osx86 its not a fun game unless you have a vanilla system or you know what are you doing. You've got AMD DUDE. As for ideneb change the sata mode to AHCI
  2. No Keyboard.

    boot with -x flag it will ignore checking keyboard and you can install keyboard later. Voodoops2 controller
  3. Need help with install

    Mac Osx has moved onto core processors.You can install them on those processor with modified kernels.which is a bloody hassel.
  4. [Help]iAtkos s3 v2 on dell precision m6300

    Change the RTC 32 Bit whilst installing.This should fix the error. Best of luck
  5. Here I am at your service.Right tell me do you have any mean of kext installer present in your system? You need to have your ps2 keyboard installed in order to fix this.So yeah do you have a ps2 keyboard? If you have it then install install VoodooPS2 Controller kext to enable it.Then update
  6. iboot freezez when ejected it to put in mac os x dvd

    press F5 after you eject and put retail mac osx dvd in so it refreshes it.Voila.
  7. Someone help me Read a Log?

    or you could get backtraced copy by booting into the verbose mode.
  8. Kernel Panic Help

    Still waiting for root device=It cant find your harddisk remove any other bootable disk and try again try to install UUID patch from you Distro.Or use other Boot CDs for osx86 they should include this patch use RTC 32 bit incase 64 bit didnot work.
  9. Windows 7 needs repair

    You are using chameleon so it doesnot messup.make your Pc partition active with your repair disk or Installation disk. and then if you cant boot into your mac then make your Mac partion active again.If you followed tony's guid thoroughly then you shouldnot have any problem. Use [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] if you have any problem.
  10. Help Updating 10.6.2 to 10.6.7

    Try to boot ignoring cache. Don't install any kernel.Your adored Legacy Kernel betrayed you.Stay with what you've got by default. Delete SleepEnabler before update.It causes kp .You can install latest version after updating. as apple overrites its kexts. it'll make your usb dysfunctional.so you have to install the old kexts. They are just the IOUSBfamily.kext and IOusbMassStorageclass.kext. if you DONT HAVE THE INSTALLATION DISK ANYMORE then you wanna backup all your kext to a cd.You dont use a whole cd to backup a 10 MB file.Do you? So backup the whole kext folder. If you have the disk then you can install kexts from the disk.Goodluck.I have written a tutorial on updating to10.6.7 In tutorials section.Its pending approval. So hope it help.
  11. you know there is auto adjustment feature in your monitor.Mac sure you have chosen right resolution.If 1080p is you native res it shouldnot give you any error.