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  1. 10.6.6 to 10.6.7 Help

    The best way with hackintosh to update OS X installs is if did a OS X retail install using nawcom's boot cd ( http://blog.nawcom.com/?p=446 ). If you're using the legacy kernel all you do is download the legacy kernel for that version of OS X and install the update for OS X first and then install the legacy kernel before rebooting. It's really worth buying snow leopard which is like $30! Its more legit then using Kakewalk or whatever and less of an hassle!
  2. Problem installing Snow Leopard in my PC

    Check your BIOS for your SATA drive to be set to "AHCI" mode. P.S. If you don't mind spending like $30 then use a distro use retail install using nawcom's cd ( http://blog.nawcom.com/?p=446 ). Distros are terrible. I had a terrible experience with OS X distros and trust me its not worth the headache.
  3. Kernel panic

    I finally got a chance to update now it seems like the issue is solved the Legacy Kernel wasn't the correct version for 1.6.3 so upgrading right away as soon as i booted into OS X to 1.6.5 with a correct version of the Legacy Kernel for the version of OS X solved the kernel panics it seemed like.
  4. Kernel panic

    Ok. I will post logs again and etc once I reinstall OS X again.
  5. Kernel panic

    Hi. I've been trying to figure this out for quite awhile now but it seems like I can't figure out an solution for this issue. I've been using Linux lately to figure out why OS X Snow Leopard keeps kernel panicing. When I first install OS X Snow Leopard and run it for the first time it runs fine until I restart (or start it up a second time) and after a little bit it kernel panics and I cannot not just boot the kernel directly I first have to boot into single user mode and then mount the file system (mount -yw /; exit;) or something along those lines. I've been using the nawcom install method so it is using the Legacy Kernel for which it uses for Snow Leopard 1.6.3. I've been wondering if its an issue with the kernel version that its using on 1.6.3 or whatever versions the Legacy Kernel comes with on the cd if its used on a newer version of Snow Leopard. My computer specifications is attached to this post (sysinfo). sysinfo.txt
  6. Hi. I am trying to install Snow Leopard on a dv9000 series laptop and when I boot the cd it doesn't even detect that there's a hard drive in the disk utility application. System information is attached (Generated by CPU-Z) CARBON.html
  7. voodoohda

    Sorry. I didn't notice I forgot to include the hardware info. Here it is: ATI Technologies Inc Azalia (Intel HDA)
  8. voodoohda

    Hi. I'm using the voodoohda sound and it doesn't even work correctly when anything with sound plays its VERY...uh...not right...thats the best i can explain it. is there anything else i can use and remove voodoohda?
  9. Hi. I am trying to use iAtkOS S3 v2 on my computer and I cannot go past booting part (eg. It loads kext and my screen goes blank) it seems like it maybe a graphic card driver missing. My system information is: Processor: AMD Phenom x4 Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce GTS 250 1024GB Wireless Device: Atheros AR928X (ath5k) HDD: ATI WDC WD64000AAKS-65A7B0 RAM: 6GB On the system information on my install of Leopard it says my graphics card is "eVGA GeForce GTS 250". Is there a kext file for my graphics card for Snow Leopard or should i use one of the kext files from the customize window when you're installing OS X Snow Leopard?
  10. Retail install on AMD

    Hi. I bought a DVD tonight which is the retail of OS X Snow Leopard but does anyone know ny tutorials for installing OS X Retail version on a AMD computer? Whoops. Sorry for double post.
  11. iAtkOS Install Issue

    I seem not to be able to find AtkOS S3 v2 anywhere.
  12. iAtkOS Install Issue

    Nope i did not install Voodoo. I'll go ahead and try that...and all the snow leopard versions i see (Mainly iAtkOS since thats the one i've found that actually /boots/) is all Intel...would i be able to get the Intel version running on a AMD?
  13. iAtkOS Install Issue

    Hi. I have gotten OS X from AtkOS v7 installed but when Chameleon loads and tries to boot OS X with verbose i see kext loading but then it goes blank after that and just sits there. Processor: AMD Phenom x4 Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce GTS 250 Network Card: Atheros AR928X Wireless Network Adapter RAM: 6GB HDD: ATI WDC WD6400AAKS-6547B0
  14. issues

    Sorry I didn't mean to double post. And I will post my desktop's specs tomorrow when I get on it. And I've had this issue before with a different OS X distro and I don't know what else to do. Do i need an HFS parition BEFORE i boot the DVD. If so could that be the reason why?
  15. issues

    Hi. i am new to the Hackintosh deal but i am a techy guy. i am trying to use kalyway hackintosh iso but i cannot get it to boot when I try to boot it i get error message "system config file '/com.apple.boot.plist not found!"...how can i fix this?