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  1. That's brilliant, you've saved me about a month of banging my head against a brick wall with VirtualBox/VMWare, thanks so much, I got it up and running perfectly in about 2 hours using that link! Sorry for derailing your thread. Simon.
  2. Hi wen1, that's some good work you're doing, thanks for posting your findings. First of all I'm new to running Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware so bear with me. Do you think this could be ported for use with Snow Leopard as a guest OS on VirtualBox with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit as the host OS on my L502X in theory? My install is attributing the exact same symptoms as you described, but I'm not on the Developer Program so I would need to wait until July to update to 10.6.8 as you mentioned in your first post to follow your guide exactly. Thanks in advance, Simon.