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  1. I should have looked up laptop compatibility but i bought this without thinking as soon as I saw it was 1080p for the price it was. But that plus looks to have made the hackintosh possibility impossible now. I've successfully installed it on my P.C many times but I keep getting 'RTC: Only Single Ram Bank' there's about 15 threads on various forums but not one has had any solutions as of yet The laptop has a pretty basic bios and no achi option but the laptop is Achi by default. I've tried various boot flags and came up with same problem. Specs: I3 350m HD5650m Vaio VPCEB26FG Edit - Not sure why it's in POST installation My eyes must be bad!
  2. org.radeonmonitor KP ?...

    hello, i was upgrading from SL 10.6.8 to lion before so i created 3 paritions, one for usual SL, one for lion install and one for installing lion.. all went well untill KP's on both SL and lion.. i fixed SL voodoo KP but on my lion im still getting the remove physical sgment 32b kext something - something - org.radeonmonitor cant find any answers to that anywhere! if anyone has any ideas! thank you.
  3. hello, i was following a few unique guides and all seemed to go well, installation went fine.. all kexts working so all hardware working, no stand-out problems untill every 2-3days ill be on windows ( seperate hardrives ) untill i go to load the hackintosh drive and then ill see a weird sorta greyish/white wide progress bar type line at the top of the screen? ( which i cant find anyone with this problem! which is why im asking you guys ) and it will freeze.. then if i try to load a bootloader that wont work either.. untill i go to download a unique bootloader from what i was originally using and then the pattern continues? ... thanks and any help is appreciated! if it helps my rigs is : gigabyte ga-g41mt-es2l ( note, MT, ddr3 not just m- ) 4gb kingston ddr3 ram hd 4870 card 80gb seagate sata ( hackintosh ) 300gb seagate sata ( windows ) and an ide drive ( heard mac pro's use IDE, although i do have a sata drive sitting in the loft.. )
  4. hello, this morning the hackintosh installation went smooth as anything, straight it straight out ( untill i installed update without [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] !! so started all over ) and everything has been fine UNTILL i open the pc up and swap to my windows xp hardrive ( for gaming ) then when i go back to my mac hardrive i seem to have a load of errors..mainly when it'll go past @ verifying dmi " then the dash and " - " and "/" appear then the screen will go black and at the top a long grey/white bar appears and freezes untill shut down.. i cant see anywhere on google/this forum of anyone with this problem? thanks GA-G41MT-ES2L REV 1 E5300 2.6GHZ
  5. hello, after searching on the component list on osx86 i chose my gigabyte ga-g41mt-es2l board with a e5300 processor.. but when i bought the SL disk the guy sent me a box st 10.6.3 although claiming it to be a standard 10.6 installation disk.. im hearing you NEED just a 10.6.0 disk to install hacintosh with the bootloader, is this true or can you use an update disk? thank you
  6. hello! im stuck on what components to use to build my first hackintosh, i prefer an easy, quick ( well, quicker then more complex high proformane machines ) , hacintosh. just a personal pc for standard use. im looking at the GIGABYTE GA-945GCMX-S2L on ebay for £45 or the GIGABYTE GA-G31M-ES2L at pc world for a mere £40 and then im stuck on what processor ? will any core 2 dou processor over 2ghz work? i have a 512mb ddr3 ATI radeon X1600 graphics card from 7 years back if that would work. any thoughts?