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  1. i saw this in a chinese forum and copy it
  2. New MACAM apps, dated 05/02/08!

    thank you very much
  3. Install by Restoring Partition

    i have a dell 640m.i use usbhdd install my leo.i hope this can help you. you can use a usbhdd with itakos to install leopard. first you need a mac or hackmac and a leoinstallcd(i prefer to itakos) then use the mac restore the leoinstallcd img to you usbhdd.(you need a darwin boot loader on usbhdd) then boot you laptop from usbhdd with f12(before,you may need turn off one of your cpu core) and install it like using a cd. and enjoy. any question plz mail singlezhangxing AT Gmail.com
  4. Dell laptop t2050 g945 gma950 sigmatel9200 I installed iTaKos 10.5.1.It used to run well. One day I use my battery.when I shutdown my Leo,It gave me a crash. Then I use a AC power.But, my Leo gave me a crash,too.. It is the crash screen. Who can help me
  5. i think powermanagement.budle case the crash
  6. after i use the crack every thing is ok
  7. Camino

    better than firefox with chinese
  8. can i instal the iphone on windows?