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  1. Though I'd share this one with you guys. After updating to 0.51 my bluetooth stopped working. It showed up in system profile, in the system tray it also showed, but in bluetooth preferences it said something like "do not initialize name not available". Fixed it by removing my bluetooth preferences (removing /Library/Preferences/com.apple.Bluetooth.plist). This removes your paired devices and appearantly fixes above issue. Funny thing is, during the process of fixing my bluetooth I have rebooted 10(ish) times, all those times my audio worked correctly. But after I have gotten my bluetooth fixed, my audio is again glitchy half of the time. Guess it's a coincidence. Still have no idea how to fix that issue but have learned to live with it. Have done probably everything in my power to fix it. (and for the record, have been using an osx86 machine for the last 6 years, so I am not a noob like someone earlier kinda insinuated)
  2. Since last update I only have 1/10 tries normal audio. Rest of the time audio switching is wrong now. To get even some sound out of it I need to switch audio output twice to get glitched sound. Also, bluetooth is not working anymore. Boot is superfast though. Earlier, initializing all my screens (2 connected via Displaylink USB) took about 15 seconds, now it gets it done within 2 seconds after boot. I've tried 10 boots and multiple kext drops on 0.5. Have reverted back to 0.4 and on first boot audio works and bluetooth works again.
  3. To be clear, should I tick the box next to "Inject System ID" or not when I have entered my UUID manually (found in the clover boot during boot)" My installation is a single OSX installation so the random sound thing has nothing to do with any Windows installation. On my installation it is more like 50-75% of the time that my sound is not working. Video is not that smooth either but I guess that is something to be expected when having 4* 1920*1080 running . Also quite some video glitches but I guess that is due to me using displaylink drivers for two monitors.
  4. (surfaceosx) Have been trying for hours to get my surface pro stable. Current setup: Surface pro in official docking station. Half of the reboots I get distorted sound. Using the search function I found the suggestion to use the clover configuration tool to manually enter the Custom UUID but I guess that I am doing something wrong. I have tried the following UUID's: - The one in system profiler (which seems to be quite random on every boot, tried the one which was active when I had correct working sound) - The UUID which clover shows during boot. So, my question is the following: which UUID should I be using? And when entering the Custom UUID, should I disable the "Inject System ID" as suggested earlier? Or is there any other fix for the stuttering sound? Not sure if it is related or not, but I have followed the instructions for getting facetime etc. working but couldn't get that working either. Thought that it might be related to having a different UUID on every reboot. On the last boots my system is also sometimes crashing (aka, reloading the GUI) when I try to open the system profiler. When the GUI is restarted (within a second, which messes with my monitor arrangement) I suddenly am able to start the system profiler.