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  1. n0oNE


    i haven't time now.. summer egzams is near. studies studies and one more time studies.. i will beck soon as i can
  2. n0oNE

    Were Back !

    #define EFI_FIRMWARE_BASE_ADDRESS 0x00200000 interesting.. by intel spec. tee base address of firmware should be near 4gb (0xFF800000), but 0xFFFFFFFF-0xFF800000=0x0020000
  3. n0oNE


    whoopyy i found a way how to use temporary firmware on my laptop pc, firmware are loading from floppy disk, now i need to figure out how to add efishell on that temporary firmware and i could use shell on my hardware without any emulation
  4. n0oNE

    Debugging question

    hm.. how its writes on nwram i tink you can find answer on intels northbridge specifications. what it's writs and exaclty there.. thats should be question.. could you send me thous files ? i mean that setup file and startupdisk.cpl i know ASM a litle bit i could try to find that you are looking for
  5. n0oNE

    Debugging question

    but why you are need to trace install sheld's executables ? thous executables are like a template.. there is static executables.. everything that you need is in CAB archyves, there is scripts about how the install sheald shoud work, or maby i didnt understand what are you trying to do. for extracting thous cab files there is some tools (i6comp is latest) or if there is only executable somthere i saw tool to extract from that. so if you could tel my that exactly you are looking for maby i could try to find out
  6. n0oNE

    Debugging question

    why are you need of that ?
  7. n0oNE

    Were Back !

    at last ! with help of that great xfv application i extracted whole firmware ! now i got all efi files .. i got everything thank you all
  8. n0oNE

    Were Back !

    hello, i have laptop with InsydeH2O bios on it (as i figure out it's EFI bios) i am trying to disassemble that bios and add some changes on it, i read a lot of literature about on board chipset's, efi specifications, now i can extract PE32 executables, i could help you guys. sorry for my english, i am not native english speaker but i am understanding everything very well.
  9. can someone rip EFI bios from intel based mac pc ? i am in need for testing purpose. if someone can please send my. how to do that ? i know only one tool for DOS, its memdump. you sould rip range FF80:0000 - FFFF:FFFF, it's would be 4Mb.
  10. so is anyone interested ? i am trying decompile that bios
  11. Hello, recently I bought new barebone laptop PC with EFI bios on it (I hope so ) Mitac 8258D it's tech. specifications: BIOS EFI InsydeH2O (512kb rom/ 4Mb EPROM) I think its on Intel Firmware hub device Southbridge ICH-7 video ATI mobile X1600 Intel core2 duo CPU Napa technology I think it's really near Mac book specifications, I would like to run MacOS on it, I could help you with testing or something on native EFI supported board.