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  1. Hi there all.Andy i've got a question for you. I've managed to install 10.8 ML with my home mates AMD 6850 but with my 6950 i'm facing exactly with the things you say; white screen with a moving cursor. My mobo is Asus p8p67 Evo. I remember also you said that if the card is not P8P67 Pro version with your method putting it in the sleep mode will not work since it will not be able to wake up again. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for me to manage it with my p8p67 Evo and Asus 6950 ? Regards,
  2. Well i have a xpredator chasis which doesn't have a reset button And i've tried to push power off button for several seconds but it didn't work. I'll try it again.Thanx Any other suggestions?
  3. Hi Andy can you write down the bytes of this Lion.app since there is an updated version i think that can cause clutter
  4. Hi, I'm also a p8p67Evo motherboard owner with 2600K and 6950. I'm installing SL 10.6.8 thanks to Andy's boot cd's. But when it comes to Andy's USB Installer guide i can't do that somehow. However,when i make the installition with xmove in the Lion i can boot into Lion but then i can't get support to my graphic card with any method and neither Andy's netkas package. Where may i making mistakes? Which bootloaders do i'd better use from the beginning? After booting into Lion and installing Andy's package for "P8p67" what can i try?