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  1. Hi, I'm thinking of moving one of my family members over to a Mac from a PC running XP. This person has a single application that is windows only and requires a USB DRM dongle to run the program. I hope to use VMware Fusion or Parallels to allow the person to access the program through virtualization. However, I worry that there may be extra complications related to getting the USB DRM dongle to work in virtualization. I believe that it should theoretically work once I assign the usb port to the virtual machine. I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with this type of setup (USB DRM dongle) in a virtualization environment, and whether VMWare or Parallels would be better suited for this type of application. Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac to try this on before I purchase the machine and required software. Thanks for your help/comments!
  2. shell scripting question

    I'm using a couple of scripts to process video files using Handbrake CLI. The first script is converts the video to a mp4 file, the second script fixes the file extension. I run the seperately. From the shell I type: for I in *; do /opt/local/bin/HandbrakeCLI -i "$I" -o "${I}d" --preset="AppleTV" done Once the queue has been run, I run a quick script to add the correct file extension: for I in *d; do mv "$I" "${I%.*d}.m4v"; done I have two questions. First, I've had trouble putting these into a single shell script. The second question is how can I setup a script that I run in the background that will process the queue everytime a new file is added to the directory. If you have any suggestions, that would be great! Thanks! -S
  3. AppleTV and DiVX and MPEG

    I recently bought a used appletv for this very purpose. I download TV shows and whatever from usenet in xvid or divx format and play them on my appletv. works great. If you go to awkwardtv they step you thought the process of using a flashdrive to update your system with their goodies. Once flashed, you can enable ssh and file sharing, and download all the necessary extensions/codecs. It's super easy, assuming the box you get has the 1.0 firmware installed. I just mount my apple tv over a afp share on my desktop and drag and drop the videos into the Movies folder on my AppleTV. From across the house I transmit at about 2.7MB/sec from an old WRT54G, but that's about twice the speed I get my my Powerbook G4 from the same location. I tried to play some HD content the other day, and it was choppy. But that might have been because I was transfering it at the same time I was trying to view it. I wasn't very patient with it, so maybe it works, I don't know. I really like not having to burn discs. I just wish I could power it down without pulling out the plug.
  4. I believe the Asus WL-138g v2 is supported. Make sure you check first, though. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16833320022
  5. Take a look at the GA-g33m-ds2r (Gigabyte). This is the board that I'm thinking about going with for my new build. Available at Newegg. There is one or two threads about this board if you do a search.