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  1. I bought the Snow Leopard 10.6.3 DVD yesterday. Booted with the bootcd and used the dvd after. installed OS X without a problem. installed 10.6.5 combo update and left window open when asking to restart. installed the b202 driver pack. rebooted. now i got a flashing cursor. i am @ work now so when i'm home i will start booting with bootcd again and reinstall driver pack. hoping this wil work. then i will try to install 10.6.6. install b202 driver pack again then gonna download xcode4. hopefully it will all work without to many problems. did someone tried this before? any comment would be helpfull. Also does anyone know if DanielFO is creating a updated pack for the latest update from os x? And did anyone try the xcode4 software on the b202? if yes what is performance experience?
  2. i have found the following video which i will try tonight to see if this fixes my boot problem with the usb.
  3. Hi, first of all nice guide. I tried the usb install side of the tutorial but i am failing at booting the usb stick. the stick is a Kingston 16GB Datatraveler G3. i have a laptop running ideneb so i used that one to create the usb stick with disk utility and then restore the osx install dvd to the usb. then i installed the bootcd files from your tutorial and also before i even started everything i flashed the bios of my eeebox. Here is the thing. when it boots i select F9 to boot from usb. it then gives me the following error: boot0: GPT boot0: testing boot0: testing boot0: done boot1: error What is going wrong here? I have tried the following: reset default values in the bios and reconfigure them to your standard. (did not work) tried recreating the usb install stick. tested the stick on another pc. got the same error as above. As said above i am guessing the bootloader did not install correctly so i am at a standstil. also tried the external usb hdd option when connected to another mac and then install osx from the working mac. got it running until the end of installation where the setup at the end tells me dat it could not install some files at / . is this normal? Edit: i see that i am running a old 10.5.8 ideneb on the laptop so nogo for the combo update 10.6.5 to install. im stuck. trying for 5 days in a row now. im getting pretty tired. well if you could help me get the usb stick working i would be very pleased. Kind regards, a dutchmen in germany aka Wishmaster