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  1. Israel and Palestine

    I am a fromer israeli infantry soldier, not long out of the service in the o.c.'s 90% of all palastiniens i've encouterd were wounderfull people. 10% ruin it for the rest of them... it seems palastine has the same problem as most arab nations had or are still having, depends on which one. while israel in 50 years bloomed and created technology, strong economy, water food and employment for everyone in a god-forsakend desert. arabs here did, well, nothing in their thousands of years... who was here first? no one can really tell, who has claim? probably both sides... one nation accepts that and is making room and WAS making efforts for the other nation to rise and to be a peacefull nation that would co-exist with it. one doesn't. one nation targets civillians justifying it in all kinds of ways, only acting against military targets when they have to, meaning when a full blockade is in affect - which is the very reason the blockade exists. one nation took two weeks to astablish a goverment and to start building itself while its being attacked by six arab nations and has very limited resources, the other has had two years, funds from israel (yes that happend, look it up), free water and electricity from israel and was even provided with small arms for inner peacekeeping. the first prosperd, the other turned against itself and is killing its own civillians at a rate israel never would have done no matter what would happen, simply because of inner conflicts over power. an entire culture that relies on power and oppression with no leader is bound to fall - or not to rise in the first place... as for israel's blame in all the killing, hipothetically if palastinians were to be removed - again HIPOTHETICALLY, i belive there would be peace, israelies dont usually kill each other... then again if israel was taken out of the equation arabs would keep on butchering each other, just as they are doing today in lebanon, seria, iraq, iran, pakistan, kordistan and other developing arab nations - that not being on the news doesn't mean it doesn't happen. right now, at this very day and age, there are about a doesn ethnical cleansings taking place, about eight in africa and another six in those nations mentioned above. shiay vrs suni for the most part (the two major arab-muslim factions). hizbollah is shiay and palatine is suni (or was it the other way around) and one side hates the other, the only thing that united them was they're mutual fanaticisem for being "conqured" or deprived of their land, if they had won, which really couldn't have been an option in the first place, hizbollah would then continue to fight palastinians to rule over them - deny it all you want, you know its true, pick up a history book. why do we study history? so we would stop killing each other. and a an israeli jew, ma'a salam'e, my muslim brothers, there is a future for all of us.