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  1. The seller filed a claim with Fed Ex and is going to refund my payment and I won't need to send it back. So I guess I will just keep my eyes open for a "does not work" monitor with an intact support arm on auction sites.
  2. I recently bought a used Apple 15" Studio Display(Acrylic), but when they packed it apparently the hinge on the center support arm cracked, It is a cast pot metal piece that screws onto the hinge assembly and the support arm screws onto it then. I have tried several Apple parts suppliers and all have told me that Apple has stopped making and selling the replacement hinge parts and that they know of no source. Does anyone know of any that I can get somewhere?
  3. R.I.P Prawker

    When someone so young dies, it makes us all hope there is an afterlife so that he can still have a way to make up the life he was cheated out of by cancer. RIP
  4. ipod to car stereo connection

    Buy a Kenwood, USB and Aux on front and full iPod control and display
  5. alc888 with ich9

    using Alcinject and my optical out shows up as a 5.1 signal on my Sony Digital Audio Control Receiver
  6. Try using the Leo drive on SATA 1 and Vista drive on SATA 2
  7. GA-P35-DS3L , Kalyway Leo. Everything works. 7600gt vid, 3 Seagate SATA 3.0 HD's, SATA DVD burner and IDE DVD burner, optical sound output, triple boot Leo, XP, Vista 1 OS on each HD. I might get a MAC keyboard just for the fun of it. My hats off to Kalyway for the great release!!!!
  8. Followed instructions and everything is working, 1680x1050 res, HD audio w/optical output, LAN, both cores , everything, great install. Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L , Intel Conroe E6600, 2GB RAM 250GB SATA Seagate 7200 RPM HD. 160GB WD PATA for Vista Ultimate. 160GB SATA Seagate for Windows XP. Does a great triple boot using the F12 boot menu key on startup.cap1.tiff
  9. The copy I got from PB has been opened on OS X and I used Toast to burn it, it hangs up on about 80% during the file install and when i let it do the verify disk function at the start it comes back with a bad disk message, i have DL it twice and unzipped it and burned it twice under Tiger. Where else can i get a copy from, The Green one perhaps , if I could get an invite?
  10. I have tried to find a non corrupted version of this , but the one on the bay is corrupted and will not work.
  11. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    Used the forcedeth-nockd.zip for my MSI board with the 650 sli chipset and it works like a champ
  12. What's wrong with Ubuntu 7.04

    I have tried Ubuntu(edgy and feisty)it is not "user Friendly"....unless you have a low end hardware system and don't want good 3D support. OpenSuse 10.2 works great, YAST is very good for getting latest drivers. Mandriva powerpack is also very good, have tried Gentoo(pain in the rear) and a few other distros. On a satisfaction level Ubuntu would not rate very high. Ubuntu seems to be the darling of the PC crowd(I don't mean Personal Computer).I will think for myself and not follow the other Lemmings off of the Ubuntu cliff, thank you.
  13. 10.4.9 AMD Test 1

    followed netkas 10.4.9 update guide to the letter and all went well, so far everything is working fine.
  14. I have 2 IDE drives on my primary, 2 optical on my secondary and a SATA drive on that channel. Vista is on SATA , OS X is on IDE 1 and Dreamlinux is on IDE 2. My DFI Infinity MB has a boot device menu at start up, so all i have to do is push ESC to enter the menu, choose the drive to boot from and I am all set.Each OS runs as a native OS on it's own hard drive, 250GB SATA, 2ea 160GB IDE, each drive is partioned into 2 parts, one for OS and one for data i don't want to lose if I have to reinstall any of my OS. No VMware or any other loaders needed.