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  1. I second the request for Shailua. Intel Centrino wifi 2230. . Keep up the great work Shailua.
  2. Anqa Singh

    Intel N2230

    All these drivers seem to be for old hardware and also no new activity in years. I did downloaded for Centrino 2200 but that didnt work. The drivers never loaded. Thanks for the links. Hope someone could pick up the projects.
  3. Anqa Singh

    Intel N2230

    Thank you. I will give these a try.
  4. Anqa Singh

    Intel N2230

    Can you point me to the experimental driver for Intel 2230. I would like to give it a try.
  5. :thumbsup_anim: Thank you, thank you thank you. :thumbsup_anim: Confirming only one feature... AR8161 is recognized by the OSX 10.8.2. I use Belkin FD7050 v3 for internet as I do not have ethernet connection where my hackintosh is. iCloud and Appp store started working after install of this ALXEthernet kext. My system: GA H77 D3H Core i5 3570k (using HD4000 graphics), no overclock 8 Gigs DDR3 1600 hz Belkin FD7050 v3 WD 750 G HD for OSX, WD 1.5 TB for Win and data 350 watt powersupply that came with the Antac case Asus DVD-RW Dont recall which one, really old, works reading DVDs Connected to Samsung tv through HDMI So far, 1. No HDMI audio (just doing research, havnt tried many kexts yet. 2. I have to switch my monitor off and on once at start when the screen becomes garbled. Not tested - USB3 Other than the above, no KPs, no hickups. Been trying the build since two weeks so still newbe, have read a lot on these forums. Built the system with the advise here and everywhere on the internet but missed out on v1.1 using AR8161 (Issues were mixed with some people reporting success and others reporting problems but no mention of the chipset and kext not being available). Saw great progress during these two weeks in terms of the ethernet problem. App store access was essential to my build. This weekend trying to make Audio over HDMI work Note: for some reason, this thread is really hard to find. Is there a way this could be popularized? Gracias.