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  1. In the clover boot menu I changed the SMBIOS settings from macbookpro8,3 to 8,1 Then I started the OSX in verbose boot mode and captured the following screenshots; http://113.imagebam.com/download/nj22diLFjlhMo0B_7J0asw/44416/444151018/IMG_3870.JPG http://113.imagebam.com/download/rTBTSrICiM9Ztb6lmDT8rA/44416/444151034/IMG_3871.JPG
  2. I found this webpage for MacBookPro8.1.plist However, again I don't know where to put it And what exactly is this verbose boot? How can I get more lines from there? I presume this is the screenshot I sent with the lines.
  3. I have just realized that I have to edit this config.plist. Thank you though. However, the line you suggested me to add is already there.
  4. Thanks for the reply. However, I didn't get what I should do with that line of code? I am kinda not familiar with those systems and it would be great if you could elaborate on further. Thank you.
  5. I have used this tool to create a bootable usb. Then used El Capitan Post-Install Tools to get the boot screen. Then I tried to boot the USB and I got the clover boot screen. Then I selected the "Boot mac osx from INSTALLER" option, where INSTALLER is the name of the USB. Then it took me to a new screen with an apple logo. Then a loading started and in the middle of the loading, there appeared some lines on the screen and computer restarted. I had selected the USB as the first device to boot, so computer took me to the same clover boot screen. All in all, nothing happened. There were also Clover boot options and normal options menus in the clover interface. I didn't do anything with BIOS settings, since I couldn't find any advanced settings in my BIOS screen. My computer is PackardBell TS-11HR. I was told that following settings should be set: "CSM: disabled; AHCI: enabled; Secure Boot: disabled; OS or OS type: set to Other OS; VT-D: disabled". However, I have no clue how to reach them. Appreciate if you can help.
  6. Is there a way to access the ExFat format external hdd on 10.5.8 I've heard that it's supported on SnowLeopard, but I have to get it working on Leopard.
  7. Ain't it clear ? The phone can connect to the hotspot with no problem However, my laptops can not connect. Clear ?
  8. There is no problem with mobile phone but laptops
  9. I transmit my ethernet internet connection through airport on my imac. When I do that hot spot thing, my sonyericsson mobile phone can obtain the connection and there is no problem. But when it comes to my notebooks, both packard bell and lenovo models couldn't connect to that hot spot. When I click on the connection, it doesn't even ask for a password and skips to troubleshot screen, which doesn't help for anything at all. What might be the problem ?
  10. I have the OSX Lion as dmg. Installed it and then installed the windows 7, everything went pretty neat until I realized the need of drivers. Since I installed the Lion through a bootable USB, I couldn't obtain the drivers. Don't know why, Win7 couldn't recognize the USB (probably due to its HFS format, but tried the FAT32 either, nothing changed) Anyway, I burn the dmg onto a dvd. However it didn't work on Win7 (This time has no idea, even no assumption) Now all I want to do get those drivers somehow. In the package content of Bootcamp in "Utilities" folder, there is nothing. Even file itself is apprx. 6.5mb In Lion DVD couldn't find anything as well, but it has to be somewhere here. Any idea on what I can do ?
  11. I'm trying to copy my windows 7 ISO file to a USB stick to be able to boot the system with it. However, don't know why, disk utility comes up with an error message and doesn't allow me to restore the ISO into the USB disk ( I did the same operation for Lion ISO and it was completed without any problem). Searched on the web a little and found out that Bootcamp does this as well. However my old 17" Core2Duo Imac is not supported by that bootcamp version to do that. So, I found another way to make it support my imac by changing some .plist files. This time that option for creating a bootable disk is appeared however in the middle of the operation it showed an error message and refused to create it. Then I formatted the disk as HFS journaled and copied everything in the Windows ISO file into the usb disk manually. But this time bootcamp expect me to insert a DVD. So, now is there a way to get it working ?
  12. The lower limit is higher than I want, I want to set the screen resolution to something around 800x600 or 1024x768 So, is there a way to do that ? Probably due to new graphic cards, this resolution is no more offered.
  13. I was using 10.5.4 everything was looking good but the system was so slow beside past times. I tried to heal disk permissions and other things but it doesn't work. Then i decided to install leopard again. But looks like there is a big problem. Cause i've started the installation 2 or 3 hours ago and it stil trying the install and the time remaining looks about 12 hours. I canceled it and tried again but everything is same. What can i do , what might be the problem ??
  14. Can you please share the wallpaper It's so nice