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    Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    i got a strange problem with on some dell latitude D620 and 420 under 10.6.7 i installed a generic BCM4311 and fiddle a lot to get it work, without succes, when by chance, i just delete some kext (all about ATI card) in the system folder and rebooted. This seems to fix the problem, airport is visible and working fine. unfortunately this seems only temporary since at each reboot, the card disappear. (while airport card stay visible in network list) Erasing another kext and reboot fixed the problem again. It seems that modifying the system file extensions is rebuilding something and at next boot, all is detected again, until next reboot. any idea ?, even a script to launch would be ok.
  2. nosys70

    [How To] Solutions for Wireless Problems

    hello I got a D420 (dell latitude) running fine OSX 10.6.7 My problem is i installed the osx with an intel 3945 wireless card (not recognized) and then i purchased recently a generic broadcom 4311 to use it. the card is seen in the bios, i covered the pin 20, the osx see the card (with OSX Tools utility as 14e4:4311 ), i fiddle a lot with the IO20211 kext (installed ) changed the en0 to en1 in NetworkInterfaces.plist, but no way, i cannot get the Airport stuff to be detected as network card. in network i got also Bluetooth, Firewire and the wired ethernet, all working fine. when i use the System Profiler i see Airport (under network) , with the IO80211 Family 3.1.4(314.1.1) loaded, but in Hardware, i see only one ethernet card (the Apple BCM575 on en0). when i check logs, it seems the IO20211 kext failed to load AppleAirPortBrcm4311.kext (libkern/kext) dependency resolution failure. this could means something is missing or not the right version, but i have absolutely no clue about the cause. Any Idea ? Thanks