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  1. Radeon 3850/3870 thread

    Yes I read. I don't understand your need to get nasty. Perhaps you should read my posts. You would then see that I have tried multiple ways and never got the screen up until now. I tried just the Natit.kext method and was not successful. I tried this latest method on the recommendation of somebody else who also could not get their 3870 up. I'm now doing a fresh install on another drive so I can retest the Natit.kext method and see if it was a waiting issue. So I once again thank you for your driver work, but you can keep your other comments to yourself.
  2. Radeon 3850/3870 thread

    Ok, so I did the Graphics Update, reapplied the Triakis package and rebooted.Got the blue screen. Said f*** yet again. Went and put laundry in the wash, came back 5-10min later and the screen was up with QE/CI supported!!!! So it ended up being. I must have reinstalled Leopard 50 or more times this week. Now I'm wondering if I can use the newer Natit.kext or if should even both since it is working. Your work is great!
  3. Radeon 3850/3870 thread

    Strange thing. I did the following: Install 10.5.1, reboot. Update to 10.5.2, install latest kernel of Netkas and a different AppleSMBIOS.kext, install old Trikas package, add dev id to ATIRadeonX2000.kext, reboot. I get a blue screen, and no cursor. I reboot into Safe Mode and I get all resolutions, etc but of course no QE/CI. Ugh! So close, yet not there. Note this was not with the Graphics Update.
  4. Radeon 3850/3870 thread

    Thanks! I was wondering if that was the case since you cannot install without a reboot using Software Update. Trying to get an Nvidia 8600 GT working right now. Somebody else with a 3870 suggested the old Natit.kext file as that is the only thing that would work for them. Gonna try that after working on the 8600 some more.
  5. Radeon 3850/3870 thread

    I've always rebooted after the graphics update, so I will try that. Would the different 9.2 kernels or the AppleSMIBIOS files play any part in whether this works? EDIT: I just noticed that you only mentioned the Natit.kext. Does that mean the install package is no longer needed if you have the Graphics Update installed? EDI2: Ok, so how do I install the Graphics Update without rebooting. You have to say you want to reboot before it will install it and everything gets closed before the installation.
  6. Radeon 3850/3870 thread

    Just tried a 3870 today as my 3650 would not work. Got the blue screen with 10.5.2 and the graphics update. Got a white screen with just 10.5.2.. *sigh* Perhaps one of the Nvidia cards would be a better choice at this point?
  7. Help for TI 3870 512M DDR4

    Have you read the Radeon 3850/3870 sticky up top?
  8. So I tried to get my ati card up using an EFI string. No go. I get the same blue screen as when I used the Natit.kext file. So I boot the install DVD, fire up terminal, do a rm -f on the com.apple.Boot.plist file, copy my back up there making sure the user and group ownership is correct. I then hard power off the machine and boot only to find that something replaces the com.apple.Boot.plist file with the broken version. Going back in with the DVD shows that the EFI string is back in the plist file.How can I get it to leave my back copy alone when I replace it?Tried it all one more time with a repairPermissions also. Figures that manually setting the permissions on the one file would be enough!
  9. AMD 64 - Perfect Configuration?

    UDMA is Ultra DMA. It will make no difference on your graphics refresh rate. I haven't played with the refresh rates in OS X yet so I can't tell you how to set it.