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  1. @Yuvin, hey, sorry for the late reply. Mine is the Acer 4830 TG. Core i5 2450M Elantech touchpad though
  2. Hi there, I've had the same model, and have been experimenting for the past year. I've found success by mixing ur tutorial with another one I found from China, working DSDT and all. I'm running on 1.8.4, vanilla and retail. Is there anyway you can upload your entire kext library? Our machines are identical aside from the wifi card. (mine is sadly the BCM43xx versions that cannot work with OSX) Hopefully I can get it all to work, sleep wifi etc. On retail and not a distro thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, first of all, apologies if I have made a duplicate thread regarding this issue, for I have searched this forum (and others) extensively and have not found any proper thread addressing this issue. Secondly, I want to thank the awesome osx86 community, especially Nawcom, Kabyl and Mohamed. I don't know how you guys did it, but you guys are brilliant. Genius. Back to the topic, I have managed to install Snow Leopard 10.6.7 on my AMD System. Vanilla install used Nawcom BootCD. Wrestling with error codes during boot and changing kexts which a tiny change may cause my whole system to not boot and give me a panic attack (I've been trying this for a year. So its no surprise when something goes wrong I start to freak) But I've noticed, is there no functioning sleepenabler.kext for AMD Systems? Or has it eluded me from my search? I have tried putting it to sleep, and it does, I mean everything powers down, but it never wakes up. XD My Specs: AMD Phenom II x4 BE 3.2Ghz Asus MBA M4A87TD/USB3 Kingston Value Ram DDR3 1333 - @ GB x2 WD Desktop SATA 500 GB BLUE ASUS 24x DVDRW SATA BLACK ASUS EAH5750 FORMULA 1GB GDDR5 PCIE CoolerMaster ELITE 335 VANtec ION 2 620Watt PSU Coolermaster Hyper TX 3 AOC E2240VW BLK 21.5 LED Also, no powermanagement right? Thanks in advance. Happy hacking!
  4. iAtkos L2 or BIOS?

    Did you off your computer and unplug it for a bit? It happens, sometimes my boot discs don't boot and I have to let them sit for a bit. So I suggest you try: 1) Unplugging the computer from power and leave it for 15 minutes. 2) Leave the blinking dash there for abit (if its more than 10 minutes forget it) 3) Disconnect all other harddisks except the one u want to install to. Good luck. Lee
  5. [HELP] Mac OS X Lion on AMD - Niresh 10.7.3 V2

    Sorry to revive an old topic, but those getting stuck at booting the installer, did you disable C1E in Advanced CPU Settings for BIOS? It causes alot of errors. http://markanthonycianfrani.com/how-to-install-osx-10-6-7-on-amd-phenom/ this may help you guys alot
  6. Mac OSX Lion on Ultrabooks ?

    I'm not an expert but I believe this can be done in ML. Just takes the compatible hardware. Also, processor and graphics support are now much better since ML improved lots of support from them. Just a matter of trackpad (I've not found ELANTECH drivers, ouch) , Ports, USB3 and audio right? Just my 0.02 dollars Still stuck with an AMD 10.6.7 hehe with full QE/CI for HD 5750 also apologies again for the late reply. I've been away from hackintoshing
  7. Snow Leopard AMD Phenom ASUS Mobo

    Hello all! After giving up in my last attempt, recently I got that sudden drive to try it again. It all started with my trying on an old Socket 478 Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz. After failures, I just decided to try it on that computer as previously listed. AND OMG! I got past that vector! all I had to do, was as unimatrix725 said, (although I previously found the fix on osx86. thankfully it was after my attempts last year.) YOU NEED TO GO To BIOS, CPU FEATURES, and disable CE1. or 1CE. Depending on your mobo. Essentially what that does is save more watts of power when the cores are idle. Which when used with an osx. Will cause it to hang there. at the Vector thing. Also, it works on iatkos. haven't tried vanilla retail. But the results aren't really good. Choose qoopz kernel, and tick the voodoo ps2 keyboard, else you are going to have a no keyboard error and -x can't boot (kernel panic). graphics suck. so hopefully I'm going to use that install to make a boot disk. Cheers to everyone and thank you.
  8. Mac OSX Lion on Ultrabooks ?

    well simply windows laptops have more compatibility though less stable and efficient at times, but the hardware is also double as he said.
  9. Snow Leopard AMD Phenom ASUS Mobo

    ah i see. Ok then, will let you know asap. iATkos L1 doesnt work yet due to lack of kernel I suppose? Even more, its not possible to boot retail? with nawcoms amd kernel.... and do you have DSDT? Thanks!
  10. Mac OSX Lion on Ultrabooks ?

    I see. Thanks for your reply and sorry for my late one. very insightful indeed. So i guess I'll be choosing one based on what I need, not whether if hackintosh works. THanks you! (esp the fact you're the only one that replied) ;)
  11. Why nobody's help me? (Problem to burn Lion DVD)

    Double Left Click on the CD/DVD icon on the bottom right, settings should pop up, instead of the usual DarwinSnow.iso which I presume you use to boot Mac on VMWare, choose the physical drive and try again? Alternatively, use VirtualBox? not much experinece on that, plan to try in a few weeks.. I get what you mean, I have unsolved threads too, ah well. all the best!
  12. Hey guys, lately there has been much hype about the new ultrabooks offered, powered by Intel Processors. Ya Know, the Acer Aspire S3, Asus Zenbook, Lenovo U300s and more.... I'm surprised that after about a month, I find no thread mentioning any of this. The fact that these laptops look much alike the MacBook Air, except some cheaper. So I'm gonna start one here, do you guys think that these ultrabooks can run on Mac OSX Lion? It be really cool. Some info on ultrabooks, in case you've been living under a rock. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultrabook Hardware wise, is it do-able?
  13. Snow Leopard AMD Phenom ASUS Mobo

  14. (Question) How to do a FRESH install of LION

    Owh wow, thanks for the reply, and the link, but one of my problems is that I don't have an existing Mac Install to load the files. The USB key was imaged from a friend. and well, i've tried iATKOS and HaZard releases but they don't boot. Just restart from the cd after loading HFS+ files. Thanks!