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  1. Hi, I have been googling a lot around this issue and searching the insanly mac forum but i cant find any answer for the problem. My back usb ports are working perfectly, however, the front are not.. What can i do to make this work? Does anybody experienced the same problem? Thanks, Nuno
  2. Hi, When I have installed OSX86, I had 3 harddrives, one with xp another with ubunut and a third free where I installed OSX. After the installation the OSX drive became the master boot record. I would like to add entry to darwins boot loader in order to boot the other two systems. Is that possible? I have googled for that and so far nothing. Anyone? Thanks, Nuno
  3. Hi, I have installed iPc 10.5.6 on a asus p5kc board. I have installed seatbelt, and tortugas hdaenable and alc883 kexts I still have no sleep support and sound is coming and going. Can anyobody give some tips here? Does anyone suggest any more kexts for this board? Thanks, Nuno
  4. Hi, I have installed iPc 10.5.6 leopard in my pc machine with the following confguration: board: asus p5kc graphics: ati x800 memory: 2gb I have installed the vodoo kernel and as i didn' knew i havent installed patches beside the attansic and ac883. I have googled for x800 driver but couldnt find much. it seems that some people have putted to work a x800xt I would like to know if that is valid of the x800 as well. I also cant connect my external harddrive. it seems to be recognized by the usb system but it is not mounted. Finally, when the computer tries to sleep it does not goes into sleep but it kinda freezes, and i have to restart. Any tips? With my best regards, Nuno
  5. I have tried to install without the vanilla and its working!
  6. Hi, I have just installed this, but right after the boot start (i dont time to see what happens even in verbose mode) it restarts. What is this? Anyone knows? Thx, Nuno
  7. Hi, Still gives error after changing to active. I have two disks. The OSX partition is on the first partition of the first disk (disk0s1. I have set it to active running fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 and then f1. Well, after reboot is the same problem.. Any suggestions? I had already osx86 in this disk, in the same partition. i'm updating from 10.4.8. Thx, Nuno
  8. Asus P5B thread

    Hi, I have a machine with the P5B deluxe at home to install OSX. I bypassed the DVD problem installing OSX in another computer and then bringing the hard drive to the computer with the P5B. Then, after having the "waiting for root device problem", i changed the SATA mode to AHCI and the error was different. Now i have a kernel panic. What happening? Thx, Nuno
  9. Hi, I know that this board has a JMicron controller which doesnt permit the DVD to install. I bypassed that problem, installing in another computer ad then putting the disk again in the machine The thing is that during the boot it hangs in a part which says something like: failed ... loopback device lo0 I don't know if this is the real cause of the problem. I think that if it was from the JMIcron controller i couldnt reach here because all that is happening is from the hard drive. Does anyone has a clue of what could be messing up this system now? Thx Nuno
  10. Hi, I want to optimize my machine. How can i measure my osx 86 performance? Which tools are available? Cheers, Nuno
  11. Hi, My hackintosh is running fine! But now that i've already installed several applications i can see that sometimes it stops for a fraction of second and continues. My guess is that some driver related with the IDE controller or AGP graphic card is missing or not working perfectly. The only drivers that i installed were: - Callisto - SKGE for the 3COM network card And nothing more. What else can be missing in my system to obtain full performance? Thx, Nuno
  12. Hi, My iTune crashes a lot! Does anyone has the same kind of problem? Is there any solution for i? Thx, Nuno
  13. Marvell Yukon 8001 - the driver

    Hi, You check you device/id in the windows device properties. If you check patitently all the tabs you'll find that information in a listbox. If you have a p4p800 i'm sure it will be the 3com, so, it will be 0x170010B7 Have you followed the instructions by line? 1 - You need the alter the Info.plist file. 2 - Copy the file to /System/Library/Extensions 3 - Check if the permissions of the file/directory of the drivers is correct: (if this is not correct, the extensions will no be loaded due to permissions) sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/skge.kext (-R is for the recursive option, some files in mac osx, like the extensions or applications, are actually directories) 4 - Remove the extensions cache (i think this is the right term): sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions.mkext 5 - Reboot I hope this helps! Best regards, Nuno
  14. Hi, I have two hard drives. One is totaly for the OSX 86. The other one i had windows on it and it has several partitions. One of them is the windows startup partition. I cant format it with disk util. The option is disabled. In the mean while i can format the other ones. I think the problem is that the windows partition is ntfs and the others are fat. I don't want to erase the whole drive because it has my all personal data there. how can i solve this problem? Thx, Nuno
  15. I have a ASUS P4P800 running a Intel P4 at 2.4 Ghz and my graphics card is a ATI Radeon 9700 Pro