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  1. I did the same as you, made a bootable USB with ML and encountered same problem, few seconds before I get to the install screen, my monitor went into sleep mode.. Using boot flag -x worked for me (i7 860, Intel DH55TC, Nvidia GTX570). But others, as I have read, had luck with other bootflags. Good luck!
  2. Hi guys I have recently installed ML and I got it working great so far. Only have one problem When ever I boot from the ML disk it gets stuck at some point.. It doesnt hang, as I can still write and everything. I have tried various boot loaders, and the only one that seems to work is the one on my ML USB Installer. When I boot from the USB i used to install ML with, and choose my ML drive, it boots flawlessly into ML. Can anyone please give me an idea of what might be wrong, or what I can do to fix this? Harddrive Boot : (First picture, is where the boot seems to "stop" - like its waiting for something related to my hard drives) USB Boot : (Second picture, is where the boot contiues, right before it goes into ML) Specs: i7 860 Intel DH55TC 16gb ddr3 Nvidia GTX570 Thanks in advance! - Andy
  3. Unload Kexts ?

    Hmm.. I installed from Hazard Snow Leo 10.6.2 - In this I chose in Customize>Patches>OpenHaltRestart... And in the bootloader I chose the latest Chameleon I could find on it, which was RC4.. So im a little confused :-) Im not much for changing from something that is stable and works for me, to something that is unknown :-D - If this should fail and get KP allover the screen I panic myself haha.. I dont know what to do / how to fix a KP..
  4. Some USB Devices not functional?

    Ive read it should be ICH9 yes.. Does it need some sort of fix?
  5. Unload Kexts ?

    Ahh okay, good to know, I use Chameleon RC4 :-)
  6. Unload Kexts ?

    I actually have fixed this - thx though!.. Installed the OpenHaltRestart fix :-)
  7. Some USB Devices not functional?

    Intel P35 Express.. I think I have worked it out now.. I unplugged my keyboard, and plugged in the Keystation to a different USB port. This sort of fixed it. But sometimes Snow Leo "hangs" randomly - It just shows the circle-rainbow-cursor thing infinite.. I can move around the cursor, but every thing is "locked" - and have to hard reset to get back to work.. I dont know if thats related to this? Thx - Andy
  8. Hi On Snow Leo 10.6.8, I seem to have a strange problem. My USB mouse, my usb keyboard, and all 3 of my USB Thumbdrives works with no problem.. But no matter what other device I plug in, it wont work. I have a USB midikeyboard (M-Audio Keystation 49e) and a USB Midicontroller (Korg Nanokontrol). When I plug in the Keystation nothing happens, my computer doesnt seem to register it at all, I know its not a hardware issue, cause it works perfectly in Windows. Also M-Audio says there should be no driver for this, it should be "class compliant" The same with the Nanokontrol.. should work "OOB" Any solution to find here guys? Thx :-) Andy
  9. 10.6.8 officially released

    Installed on Intel DP35DP mobo.. Works flawless :-)
  10. I have the M-Audio Audiophile 2496. It only works "half" in OSX, but no problem in Windows. I use the Envy24 kext. but everytime I boot, it cant be found. I have to use Lion Cache Cleaner, and run a deep cleaning, and reboot to make the driver load properly - everytime. Which aint very convenient when im making music :-( So.. Has something gone wrong in the cache or? Any help will be much appreciated! - Andy This is weird.. I was searching, and tried this (even though this i not the same problem I have) http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=187050 After a reboot its working now.. I dont even dare to reboot again now lol..
  11. Hi.. Strange problem occured to me.. I have recently installed SL 10.6.2 I have a usb mouse, keyboard, a M-Audio Keystation 49e and a Korg Nanokontrol. At the moment I have unplugged everything but mouse and keyboard.. But when I plug in the rest of the "gear" my Keyboard wont work.. Nothing happens when I press on it, when I unplug the 2 again, it works fine.. What is the problem here? Think I saw somebody using USBBusFix in com.apple.boot.plist - But is this necessary ? Thx - Andy
  12. NTFS Harddrive Transfer Problem

    Awesome, thank you. I'll run a chkdsk as soon as I can, and yes, the files (if there is some) that are unreadable isnt much worth anyway.. Thanks again :-)
  13. NTFS Harddrive Transfer Problem

    Thank you.. Would this inflict any damage to the data on the harddrive? - Im very sensitive to the files hehe..
  14. NTFS Harddrive Transfer Problem

    That would take ages for me as it is approx. 1TB I have to transfer hehe.. I think it would be easiest to take the harddisk in another working Windows machine, and transfer the files via Network. Or is that a no-go? - Andy
  15. NTFS Harddrive Transfer Problem

    Hey Gringo.. Thx for the reply.. I've tried both options, though I dont come very far.. The only thing I want to do is copy some of the files from my NTFS Drive, to my OSX Drive.. Problem is, that when I find the folder I would like to copy, it takes age for it to "calculate" the estimated time.. The other problem is, that at random point, it unmount it self (infact as I write this it "flashed" with my NTFS Drive once on the desktop, like a quick mount-unmount).. You could say that im trying to backup my files from the NTFS, to my OSX.. How is this possible in a safe way? (I tried HFS+ for Windows, which worked for half of the files, and was very quick, but got an error after that) - Andy