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  1. Current hardware advice needed

    Runs fine, already bought Lion in App Store?
  2. Chameleon RC5 Meklort's Branch

    Meklort's branch is closed?
  3. Information on VESA modes in ATI&NVIDIA bios

    Yes, it would display the full resolution. New Chameleon RC5 build has the module Resolution.dylib, so flashing the GPU's BIOS isn't needed anymore.
  4. Radeon HD4770 Solutions

    Any news with Lion about this?
  5. Wrong, still get a kernel panic, maybe not so often, but a reproducible kernel panic Well, or this kernel panic has magically disappeared for some users or people live with it nowadays.
  6. Ha, finally found this thread so I can share my kernel panic. Scrolling with the cursor keys in Safari gives me the same 'unlocked mutex' kernel panic as seen here. I have a MSI U123 netbook with the Intel Atom N280 CPU, the kernel is patched on the fly with latest Meklort's bootloader (Chameleon RC5 - rev. 972). The .kext's in my /Extra/Extensions folder are: AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext (updated one from Slice: link), ApplePS2Controller.kext (also from Slice: link), FakeSMC.kext (2.7.2 - rev. 495), AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext (updated one from prasys). I immediately trashed out the iStats widget from the Dashboard, will see in next days if it helps.. After that I could try using an USB keyboard for a while (and removing PS2 kexts). EDIT: Have been scrolling whole day without a single kernel panic after removing iStats widget .