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  1. Hey guys I have followed this guide to a T but I am still having trouble. When I try to run the backup I am stilll getting it trying to create a .tmp sparsebundle and it fails with the -45 error. I am trying to save the backup to a 1.5tb smb share. I have full read/write access on it. I am running 10.6.7 on a Mid 2010 MBP with a 256gb ssd with a 170gb partition for osx. My computer name is Jacob Scutzlas’s MacBook Pro Here is what I have done. hdiutil create -size 225G -fs HFS+J -volname 'Time Machine Backups' -type SPARSEBUNDLE "/Users/JacobScutzlas/Desktop/Jacob Scutzlas’s MacBook Pro.sparsebundle" I then created the plist file from the txt file found in the first post with my uuid value I found under the system profiler labeled as hardware uuid under the hardware overview. I double checked that the value was correct and that the file was a plist file. I then used the command: cp /Users/JacobScutzlas/Desktop/com.apple.TimeMachine.MachineID.plist "/Users/JacobScutzlas/Desktop/Jacob Scutzlas’s MacBook Pro.sparsebundle" then finally: rsync -aE "/Users/JacobScutzlas/Desktop/Jacob Scutzlas’s MacBook Pro.sparsebundle" "/Volumes/1.5 TB Storage B" the created sparebundle is moved to the network drive but when I run TM it says 1.5gb out of 1.5gb available and it creates a .tmp sparsebundle then eventually throws a error 45 and fails out. The name of the .tmp file created is Jacob Scutzlas’s MacBook Pro 1.tmp.sparsebundle If anyone could help me out I'd greatly appreciate it. I'd really like to get this to work. Thanks. Here is my log if it helps. 6/1/11 12:28:18 PM /Applications/System Preferences.app/Contents/MacOS/System Preferences[18448] TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes is set to TRUE which allows selection of unsupported Time Machine network destination volumes. Use of an unsupported network destination can result in silent data corruption and complete loss of backup data under certain circumstances! 6/1/11 12:30:24 PM com.apple.backupd[18464] Starting standard backup 6/1/11 12:30:24 PM com.apple.backupd[18464] Attempting to mount network destination using URL: smb://Jacob@ 6/1/11 12:30:26 PM com.apple.backupd[18464] Mounted network destination using URL: smb://Jacob@ 6/1/11 12:30:27 PM com.apple.backupd[18464] Creating disk image /Volumes/1.5 TB Storage B-1/Jacob Scutzlas’s MacBook Pro 1.sparsebundle 6/1/11 12:30:28 PM hdiejectd[18925] running 6/1/11 12:30:38 PM hdiejectd[18925] quitCheck: calling exit(0) 6/1/11 12:31:26 PM com.apple.launchd[1] (com.apple.netauth.sysagent[18915]) Exited with exit code: 255 6/1/11 12:34:08 PM kernel hfs: Initializing the journal (joffset 0x2bad000 sz 0x7000000)... 6/1/11 12:34:15 PM com.apple.backupd[18464] Error 45 creating backup disk image 6/1/11 12:34:15 PM com.apple.backupd[18464] Failed to create disk image /Volumes/1.5 TB Storage B-1/Jacob Scutzlas’s MacBook Pro 1.sparsebundle, status: 45 6/1/11 12:34:20 PM com.apple.backupd[18464] Backup failed with error: 20 6/1/11 12:34:20 PM com.apple.backupd[18464] Ejected Time Machine network volume.