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  1. Network instability

    Hello, It took me a few weeks to finally get my VIA Rhine II Faster Ethernet Adapter to be recognized by my hackintosh. I ended up using the older 10.4.3 versions of IONetworkingFamily.kext and IOPCIFamily.kext. Now, I will be connected to my network for various amounts of time before it suddenly and completely stops. The only solution for it to work again will be to completely restart my machine. I am also using Pinxue's VIARhine.kext. I searched around for an answer via this thread: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=79200 I follwed the instructions and it did not seem to help. My motherboard is an ECS P4m800 Pro-M. Does anyone have any pieces of advice?
  2. VIA Rhine issue

  3. VIA Rhine issue

    Hey all. I recently gave my PC the star treatment by Dual Booting WIndows XP and Leopard x86. Everything worked perfect out of the box except for my network card! I have a VIA "Fast Ethernet Adapter" so I natrually chose pinxue's VIARhine kext as I had done with Tiger. The only trouble is, it doesn't work! I have poured over nearly all the threads related to this Kext and the best results that I had were that it worked for about 15 minutes, then died for good. I have installed using EasyKext, manually, using the included VIALoader, and lastly following the advice in this thread: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=79200 Still, nothing works. When I select Ethernet as an option in the network settings in system preferences, there is nothing available in the drop down menu. Typing "ifconfig eth0" and any other numbers returns that there is not ethernet there. Is there anything I can do? Could I buy a wired or wireless network card that would work better? Thanks!
  4. Sawtooth 400mhz

    Hey forumites, I have acquired a 400mhz Sawtooth G4 that I want to upgrade slightly. It's pretty usable as it is with 512 mb of ram and OX 10.4.11. I plan on maybe upping the ram to like a gigabyte and getting a new, speedier hard drive and maybe a new video card / PCI card with usb 2.0 and firewire. Secondly, are processor upgrades really worth it? They seem awfully expensive... Thanks! (Also I'm not interested in selling this off and buying a mac mini, I just want to use it for some light audio / video work and photoshop)
  5. Hello folks, I was wondering, could I use my hackintosh install DVD to install Tiger on a harddrive and then install it in my Powermac G4? I tried to boot off of the DVD in the G4 but the disc wasn't recognized. Any help?
  6. Strange kext issue

    Anyone have this problem? I should not that I can pnly use ps/2 keyboard and mice on my os x86 installation as USB doesn't work in that area. It works when I plug other peripherals in. I am using a ECS p4m800pro-m motherboard with OS X 10.4.6. Maybe I should try updating before installing the kext? Pinxue claims the version works with 10.4.3 and above.
  7. Strange kext issue

    If I install the VIA Rhine II ethernet kext and then reboot, OS X will not recognize either usb keyboard + mouse of ps/2 keyboard + mouse. I have installed this kext before on a previous OS x86 setup with the same disk and version, but it seems to be a permanent problem now. Does anyone have a suggestion? EDIT: The kext from Pinxue http://www.pinxue.net/mac/viarhine.html
  8. No keyboard or mouse on installation

    Those mainly involve PS/2 Keyboard and mice combos. I have USB and I can't access the terminal or do any of the sort because I can't use my keyboard or mouse. Unplug and replug doesn't work either.
  9. Hello forumites, I've installed Mac OS X86 before, but this time, I want to install it using a USB keyboard and mouse. Supposedly, this is the best way to run os x86, but the mouse and keyboard aren't detected, so I can't install OS X86. When I first load up, the installer asks me to select a language, but I can't because I have no USB mouse or keyboard input. No lights or anything from the mouse or keyboard . Does anyone have a suggestion?
  10. Accidently deleted Boot.plist

    I was replacing the standard com.apple.Boot.plist file so that it wuoldn't always boot in verbose mode. I deleted the old file and forgot to replace it with the edited one. Therefore, OS X86 will not boot. I know for a fact that this file is still on my desktop. Is there a way to use the install DVD to start up the terminal and simply replace the file?