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  1. Apple Keyboard driver for Windows

    Hi I hope someone can help, this is my first post so please be kind! I have a wired Apple keyboard connected to my Windows 7 64bit Home Premium PC. Mostly it works fine however as this forum know not all the keys have their functionality. (It is very nice and quiet!) So in my search for a solution , if any, I stumbled on this site. Brilliant I thought no problems now! Unfortunately that is not the case. I have followed the instructions given, downloaded AppleKeyboardInstaller64 and BootCamp64.msi. Installed both as per instructions. Rebooted and failure to lload OS as it goes into repair mode followed by recent restore point. Now I know I am not that clever round Pc's and maybe just maybe I am missing something. however I have repeated this several times with the same result. However if I don't reboot I appear to have some additional functionality, with the exception of the one thing I was really after and that was PrntScreen option. (This only works until the next reboot) Any ideas and suggestions to get this working would be most welcome!