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  1. Enter Time Machine and 2 years later... Using 0xED I have tried replacing performRequirementsCheck to performLicenceCheck00000 (2 instances) but I still get dreaded "The installed graphics card does not meet the minimum requirements for Aperture" message. Dang! Dang! Dang! The most annoying part is that the program loads - you can browse the menus and all, but after it is just hanging there with only option to "quit" the program. Any help would be super appreciated. I have been trying to patch Aperture 3.1.2, I am running vmware worstation 7.1.3 under Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. Update: I found out about VMSVGA2 plugin - now Aperture passes videocard test and boots. Great progress! Now all I need is to make eSata HFS+ formated drive to mount in VMware. But that seems almost trivial after the QE battle. Thank you for such a great plugin Update #2: I discovered that although Aperture 3 loads, it would not display the images. The preview icons get loaded, but the final image is not being displayed. Any ideas?