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  1. Clover General discussion

    @apianti here are my bootlog and config plist hope you can help https://www.dropbox.com/s/s7h5xz5yi0mwzo3/bootlog.log.txt?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/l6jpso8667e30gr/config.plist?dl=0
  2. Clover General discussion

    @apianti when i get home i will post them here thanks
  3. Clover General discussion

    problems starting with clover, System -P35-ds3p bios F12 (NON UEFI BOARD!) -E6750 -GTX260 core 216 -6GB DDR I successfully installed Yosemite and when starting my device with chameleon everything works in chameleon i have to set these flags to be able to boot with my graphics card -GraphicsEnabler=Yes -PCIRootUID=1 Now i installed Clover to EFI partition on my HDD i configured the config file to the best of my knowledge and when booting i see the clover start screen with my bootable drives 1 when i select my osx partition i just get a black screen and then nothing 2 when i select my osx partition with -v it starts loading end then it restarts my pc 3 when i select my osx partition with -v and nv_disable=1 i will get to desktop but its painfully slow and the graphics are just awful can somebody help me in the right direction to get my graphics card drivers/acceleration to work? thanks
  4. With no drives attached worked like a breeze Thanks for the tip guys
  5. Yes with cameleon in legacymode it does work but i want it in uefi mode and i cant get it to work it makes the partitions but then i het an error saying it cant reboot for the installation procedure Im gone try with all hdd disconected and after the error make the Windows efi partition the first boot option in BIOS and try again Oh in efi clover i dont have any Windows related efi or drivers yet could this also be a problem? Maybe i should ntfs.efi in drivers map?
  6. Ok will try with all drives removed got a lot drives attached Could it also be that there are to many partitions? When Windows creates its 4 partitions it looks like this Disk0s1 efi (clover) Disk0s2 osx Disk0s3 recovery (win) Disk0s4 ? Disk0s5 msr v(win efi partition) Disk0s6 windows system Is it maybe a problem because of the first clover efi partition that win thinks it can't reboot during install proces? Maybe I should temporary remove this clover efi partition?
  7. Hi could someone help me im stuck! I have maverick disk0s2 up and running in UEFI mode using clover on efi partition disk0s1 I have a empty hfs+ partition for my win8.1 install The disk is in guid partition table So I boot up from Windows install DVD got to setup and chose the empty partition all in Uefi mode It creates the 4 partitions for Windows 1 recovery 2 ? 3 mrs 4 Windows When click install it halts and says "Windows cant boot for next installation steps" What I'm I doing wrong here? Any help would be welcome
  8. Internal SATA HDDs not showing up in ML

    Got the same problem Only my Drive 1 SSD 120gb is recognized (3 partitions part 1 Lion, part 2 Mountain Lion, part 3 Windows 8) Drive 2 WD 2tb not recognized Drive 3 WD 2tb not recognized Drive 4 Samsung 1tb not recognized Drive 5 Samsung 1tb not recognized couldn't get the others to be recognized
  9. GA-Z68X-UD4-B3 & 10.7

    got it working kind off i think used the darkwake=0 in bootlist when the wired apple keyboard is in a usb port it loses connection upon wake unless replug it is unusable however the bt dongle and logitech mouse dongle will connect after 15 sec so i plugged the wired apple keyboard and the mouse dongle in to a usb-hub now when i wake from sleep using the mouse the keyboard and mouse will connect after 15 seconds and are fully functioning no need to replug. side effect is when you use the keyboard to wake from sleep the mouse and keyboard will not connect u have to replug it. only thing is can we make the reconnecting go quicker
  10. Intel HD 3000 + GPU / dual GPU setup for dual boot

    No not a stupid question at all! searched for this myself but could not find any answers..... numerous post are on this problem @insanelymac and @tonymac and i have read them all but could not find any solution so i guess it is just not possible (yet!?) i just use my HD6870 in osx and se7en its just to bad i cant use virtu in windows but then again i use se7en only for gaming. and use osx for everything else since i got sound over HDMI working (for my htpc needs). hope this helps
  11. okidoki, will do a clean install thanks for the input. got another question: is it possible to deactivate my HD6870 in osx and only use the integrated graphics from my cpu in osx? i only want to use my HD6870 in windows as it is for gaming. hope someone can help me? thanks
  12. Hello, i'm building a new system and was wondering if it could be possible to clone OSX Lion from my old build on to a ssd and use it in my new build? Or should i just do a clean install? Old build: Mobo: P35-DS3P, CPU: E6750 and GPU: GTX260 New build: Mobo: Z68MX, CPU: i5 2500K and GPU: HD6870 I know DSDT.aml will be different Maybe SMBIOS.plist will be different all the kexts specific for the old build? What more do i need to remove/swap could someone help my with this? thanks
  13. Thanks Mald0n it goes to sleep when i select apple>sleep it wakes up perfectly by clicking the mouse and the bios stays no reset anymore. but autosleep function does not work properly screen goes of but fans are still rotating and there is hdd activity could this be dropbox autosync and/or plexserver? im gonna try stop all those background syncing apps maybe this helps.
  14. @Mald0n here are my files (sorry but i couldn't get the right quote on top my problem has to do with sleep mode) send_me.zip thanks in advance much appreciated witt3r3uzz
  15. Hi there, Ok used this excellent tuturial and got almost everything working accept for sleepmode (it works kind of) the first problem is when i use apple>sleepmode it will go straight to sleep and and goes back up when i click the mouse but after i have used this method and i reboot my biossettings are reset so i have to make all the bios changes again! the second problem is when i leave the pc to go in sleep mode by itself it will turn of the screen but the systemfans are still working and every now and then i hear the hdd and the dvdrw spinning. so this is not working for sleep i have enabled: Made a userDSDT in /extra Chameleon: restartfix + powermanagement + force HPET in boot.plist in extra folder these strings are there: <key>GeneratePStates</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>GenerateCStates</key> <string>Yes</string> removed from S/L/E NullCPUPowerManagement my system components are: ga-p35-ds3p (rev.1 + f12) 6gb mem E6750 proc 1x sata 2TB 2x sata 1TB 1x sata 500 gb 1x sata rw 1x BT dongle sitecom GTX260 core 216 i hope someone can help me with this? thanks in advance. PS also got a videocard sound problem maybe someone here can check this out GTX260 Core216 sound problems