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  1. I have two hard drives. One of them has Vista on it, the other one has OS X. I usually swithed the hard drive boot order, allowing me to enter either one or the other OS. But the I found out about EasyBCD. It's incredibly simple to use; just add a new entry for Generic OSX86. After that you can just use the Vista bootloader to choose the OS you want to start. It's simple and elegant, without the need for any additional bootloaders .
  2. alexb17

    The Dumbing Down of osx86

    If people ask stupid questions, just ignore them. They'll either just quit or they'll figure out themselves just by searching on google or on the forums. That way, the ones that do stay are the ones that really want to put some time and effort into this . I don't think osx86 is dumbing down, on the contrary. A lot of talented people are creating really amazing stuff here! I've been using different versions of OS X for two years now, and the quality of the releases has improved a lot. I'm actually amazed at the work some people put in just to help others. I've never had a problem that I wasn't able to fix with just a bit of effort in searching the forums; that's because people put the effort in sharing their knowledge. And for that I am grateful!
  3. Thought I should let the people who have this motherboard know that using Taruga's AD1988b rev4 installer I got everything working, including mic and digital output. I had used AppleHDA, but I only got line out working. This seems to have fixed everything! You can find the installer here. I would like to thank Taruga for all his effort ! Hope he comes back to continue his great work.
  4. alexb17

    HDAPatcher temporary links

    I've just used Taruga's AD1988b rev4 Installer and I have everything working on an Asus M2N-E motherboard . So, a big Thank you to Taruga and all his work!