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  1. Yes, it works just fine for GM 12A269 build. Smooth installation on GUID partition.
  2. Has anyone managed to get speedstep working on the Pro board with more states than just the min and max multiplier?
  3. Andy, Could you please tell me how to install just the audio from your package manually? On a couple of occasions when I did not have audio, I ran your package again and it fixed it. Rather than installing the whole package I would like to just add the audio. I have extracted from your package the three kexts using Pacifist. They are the AppleHDA (which I guess is from an older version of the OS 10.6.2), the ALC892 kext for the P8P67 Pro and the HDAEnbaler. How do I install them using kext utility? Do they have to be done in a particular order? I ask because I see that your package creates a temp directory during installation. Thank you!
  4. That did it! Even though the boot.plist has GraphicsEnabler=Yes, setting it again on the chameleon boot screen fixed it. Thank you. Yes, the preboot.dmg does not get loaded. I am going to try booting with the USB and then pointing to the hard drive partition with the install image. I will report back later. I am running into a sleep issue, or more precisely a wake from sleep issue. I successfully flashed the bios on my P8P67 Pro using your files for the Rev 3.0. I am using a GTX 460 with two displays connected via DVI. I have removed NullCPUPower Management and rebuilt kexts. On ML DP2, system goes to sleep and wakes up like a charm each time without any problems! However, on Lion (10.7.3) it does not always work. Most of the time only the primary display wakes up and the secondary display does not leaving the system in an unusable state and requiring a hard reset. I say most of the time only because on a couple of rare occasions both monitors initialized back after sleep. Is there anything different I should be doing in Lion? Thank you. Update: Sleep now works perfectly on my P8P67 Pro machine with modded bios, dual DVI displays on GTX 460, no NULLCPUpowermanagement, and running Lion (as well as ML Dp2). On Lion, I removed the Nvidia update for 10.7.3 from ###### (MacMan patch) and instead installed the Quadro drivers for Lion from the Nvidia web site. On ML, sleep works natively without any added nvidia kexts.
  5. I successfully installed ML DP2 using this method for creating the USB stick. Everything works! I have two questions: 1. After installing ML from the USB stick and booting into the ML hard disk for the first time I would first get the apple logo with spinning wheel and then the display would go to sleep. However, when I used the -v option, the system booted (albeit with error messages) correctly and then I was able to install the driver package and everything worked. When I tried again (without the -v) on a different fresh install the display system again goes to sleep. This only happenms the first time I boot. After I install the driver package everything works without the -v. Any ideas? I can't figure it out and boy is it driving me crazy. It looks like the -v option forces the display to stay awake as it is spitting out info. It is a P8P67 Pro with GTX 460 2. Is there a way to have the install created on a hard disk partition instead of a USB disk (so that install goes faster)? The hard disk will have an existing lion install on one partition, thee ML install partition (say 8GB) and the a partition with ML Dp2. Just curious if this can be done. Thanks.
  6. what additional kext did you use to get this working? Could you post a link to the ApplenForceATA kext if you used it? I am trying to install on an EVGA 680i SLI board. Thank you.
  7. Yes, you are right! Last night, I was able to successfully install and boot ML first to a hard drive with just one ML partition and also to a hard drive with 4 partitions SL, Win7, Lion and ML. All the problems I was having with the multi-partition setup was because I had the first partition (SL) as the active one and had an old version of Chameleon (boot file) installed there. I just copied (after backing up the old one) the new boot file from your ML package to the SL partition and voila everything works like a charm. Thank you!
  8. Andy, Your work is amazing! I first used your guide to install Snow Leopard early last year. Then used your USB install guide for Lion last summer and now it is time for Mountain Lion. Thank you. I am using P8P67Pro, 8GB memory Corsair Vengeance, i5-2500K, a reference HD6870. Prior to this install, I had a 1TB hard disk with three partitions (SL, Win 7 and Lion) and I could boot into any one. I had used your CD5 for the version of Chameleon boot loader. For this install, I created a fourth partition ML and so it is SL, Win 7, Lion and ML. I was able to install ML and boot into it from the USB stick (step 18) by using boot flags –v GraphicsEnabler=Yes and then install the P8P67 Pro Driver Installer.pkg (step 19). All good so far. I now remove the USB stick and reboot. I get the Chameleon screen from my Lion installation (your CD5) and there is an option to boot from the ML partition. However, even when I use the GraphicsEnabler=Yes boot flag, I cannot boot to that partition. The machine resets and reboots. I understand the default is GraphicsEnabler is No. Do I have to change it to Yes in the boot.plist in the Extra folder or do I need to change it in a different place also? I will troubleshoot again tonight, but any thoughts on why I can boot from the USB stick but not from the hard drive partition even though I installed your driver package successfully? Is there something else I need to do to get the Chameleon from the USB stick to replace the one already there from your CD5? Thank you.
  9. Andy, the multiboot works like a charm. I am able to boot to all three on the same hard drive. I cant get to icloud on 10.7.2. Reading the threads the solution seems to involve moving to a more recent build of chameleon along with using a correct serial in the symbios. Is there anything you had to do to get to icloud? Your help is appreciated.
  10. Andy, is there an easy way to update the chameleon boot loader in your package? After downloading the new version of chameleon (to fix icloud issue in Lion 10.7.2) which files do I need to replace? I saw your earlier post in this thread. Is it merely replacing just the boot0 file? I have a single HDD with three partitions that I am able to multiboot using your bootloader: SL, Win7 and Lion in that order. Do I replace the boot0 file in both the first SL partition as well as the third Lion partition? Thank you for your help. EDIT: Sorry! I read through the Chameleon FAQ on voodooprojects. As I am only upgrading the bootloader to a more recent build, all I need to do is toreplace the boot file to the root directory and also change com.apple.boot.plist to org.chameleon.Boot.plist. So far so good and I will try it out today. Hoping that a change to a more recent build of chameleon as well as a revised smbios.plist (for corect model number and serial) will help me get to icloud. Thank you.
  11. Thank you Andy!! Smooth install from a bootable USB to a desktop. Without GraphicsEnabler my Reference 6870 was NOT automatically recognized. Is that the experience of others? DVD player was crashing and no ripples when adding new widgets in Dashboard. Setting GraphicsEnabler=Yes and the card is recognized as a 6870! DVD player works. However, still no ripples on adding widgets. Any help would be appreciated. ioreg shows that the Duckweed framebuffer was loaded. Thank you.
  12. pizazz2007

    QE/CI on Radeon 6870

    Thank you Andy! Created a bootable USb and did a clean install. Got a KP when trying to reboot after install (and before running the P8P67 Pro Package). Booted into SL partition and ran the package and installed into the Lion partition. Was then able to boot directly into the Lion partition. Does the install automatically recognize a Reference 6870? DVD player was crashing and QE/CI was not working (as tested by adding a widget to Dashboard). I had to set GraphicsEnabler=Yes for it show up as 6870. I did not have to set any FrameBuffers. ioreg shows that it automatically loaded Duckweed. DVD player works. However adding widgets to Dashboard does not cause ripples. Any help would be appreciated. My setup is P8P67 Pro, i5-2500K, HIS radeon 6870 Reference card. Thank you.
  13. Run [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and install the audio kexts for ALC892 (follow Andy's post in the original P8P67 Pro Install guide). I am just repeating Andy's post: Check System Utilities, and in Audio kexts check ALC8xxHDA, AppleHDARollback, and in Non-DSDT HDAEnabler check ALC892 (assuming you have the Pro Board). You can also install the NEC USB3.0 kexts in case they are not already enabled using Andy's package. Reboot after install.
  14. That is what I gathered from reading your prior posts that it should just work plain and simple. Thank you for confirming it. I will give it another whirl this weekend and report back. And I can't wait to try out your CD version 5. Thank you for your help.