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  1. Hi @SammlerG Please suggest your own method for checking, detecting and fixing (if confirmed)
  2. Request to developers https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/329777-clover-problems-report-features-request/?page=21 Hope someone will help.
  3. yapan4

    Clover problems report & features request

    Hi all developers out there. We are some guys here on the forum using Xeon W 21xx on ASUS mobos with C422 chips. Our problem today is that we need to use both kernel patch (xcpm_pkg_scope_msrs_PMhart) and FakeCPUID (0x0506E4) to boot our rigs otherwise we get stucked at: random seed ++++++++++. This with unlocked MSR 0xE2 register in the last bios 0702. Even the not native Skylake X299 is running without kernel patch and FakeCPUID so there must be something odd with our setup. Why do we need to patch and use FakeCPUID when both processor an chipset is the same as in the new iMacPro1.1 and should be recognised as more or less native? With the patch we use today Mac OS is running smooth and stable but we would like to run everything as vanilla as possible and that's why we asking for help. We are all noobs and need help to solve this problem if it's all possible. Any help appreciated.
  4. May be write directly in to the topic of the developer, for example here https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/331381-aptiomemoryfix/ or here https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/284656-clover-general-discussion/ or here https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/329777-clover-problems-report-features-request/
  5. Some of my conclusions are false, so it's not relevant. But it is obvious that we have a problem with the CPUPM<=>RAM<=>NVRAM. I also test boot without AptioMemoryFix.efi and without FakeCPUID only with EmuVariableEFI.efi + xcpm_bootstrap (c) Pike R. Alpha - Mojave also boot ok. But that's all - trampling on the spot and without the intervention of developers we can not solve it Also (in comparision with X299) may be our BIOS don't have some critical settings at all or just are hided. For example, I did not find /AI Tweaker/ a.) ASUS MultiCore Enhancement b.) AVX Instruction Core Ratio Negative Offset c.) AVX-512 Instruction Core Ratio Negative Offset What do you think?
  6. AptioMemoryFix perform two main functions - work with memory and fix NVRAM. Ony fix NVRAM work correct, parts for fix Aptio memory dont work at all or partially. Why such a conclusion? Because i was able to successfully boot without AptioMemoryFix.efi. For NVRAM fix i use EmuVariableEFI.efi + kernel patch xcpm_pkg_scope_msrs (c) Pike R. Alpha + FakeCPUID And about p.4 - I assume that the function of working with memory instead AptioMemoryFix.efi performs kernel patch xcpm_pkg_scope_msrs (c) Pike R. Alpha. Then what does FakeCPUID? But all this can be my guesses. Unfortunately, very little information is available on kernel patches and FakeCPUID True information should be sought from the authors of these software
  7. Hi again @obus. Hi all. I am lacking communicate on theme ASUS WS C422 Pro/CE, so will say something... 1. Late releases macOS-10.14.1b4 and Clover v4713 - any changes 2. Any currently available AptioMemoryFix drivers can not fix work with memory on ASUS WS C422 Pro/SE. 3. AptioMemoryFix is needed only for NVRAM fix. 4. What function of CPUFakeID is still not clear...
  8. yapan4

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.1

    I support. A small read me file would be very helpful
  9. Thanks for the answer. Hopefully, the situation will improve with the next versions of macOS. Bye.
  10. ...and yapan4 have to understand if your MSR0xe2 is really unlocked for all cores of your cpu
  11. Small note - system properly boot also with Kabylake H FakeCPUID 0x0906E9. CPU PM and performance not tested after this. Dear @fabiosun . Sorry that offended your professional dignity with my wrong conclusion about MSR 0xE2. Sorry... My tests with- and without HT.
  12. Short report for beta 11 - any changes for me. Still needed FakeCPUID and _xcpm_pkg_scope_msrs_PMhart for properly boot. CPU Performance not tested yet
  13. Ok, then postpone IPMI - BCM question to better times. And after the release of Mojave, we will return to the CPU. And thanks for the link.
  14. If no fan are attached, see picture below. Later I'll explain more... VirtualSMC v1.0 already tried. It works but capabilities are limited. Waiting for new versions.
  15. It's OK... Now we need help from the server administrator.