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  1. And my config.plist I will also try iMacPro1.1 SMBIOS on my build. This may help clarify something
  2. Bravo, obus! For comparisonAppleIntelInfo.txt from my config
  3. I think you are very close to this. But I have another unpleasant mention of past practice - the motherboard Gigabyte GA-X150 Plus WS. All reports showed an unlocked MSR, but without the KernelPM and AppelIntelCPUPM confidently caught KP.
  4. Also, I ordered this motherboard, so I'll join soon...
  5. This is a very good news. And this is bad, because we still have problems with MSR. Maybe I'm wrong, the gurus will correct, if not
  6. Hello again @obus. Hello, everyone. Perhaps, you should now try without any patches for the CPU...? (at your own risk) ... of course only with tsc sinc kext, if now you have an official BIOS v.0603
  7. No, sorry... It looks like GPU Cayman (Radeon HD69xx, FairePro V5900 and V7900) is problematic in 10.12 x. Look for a solution for Radeon HD6970. If not, then I recommend upgrading to FairePro W5000 or W7000. or downgrade to FirePro V4900(Turks)
  8. If you still did not find a solution... ...you need to edit plist in AMD6000Controller.kext and AMDRadeonX3000.kext
  9. So I'm still in a state "to buy or not to buy". I will bee continue to follow the topic. Thank you all. Bye...
  10. Very unpleasant point is this "TSC Sync". The last time he needed me on an old Asrock board with Pentium D945 and Snow Leopard. Then Voodoo TSC solved the problem, but caused many other minor issues. Since then I have not used boards on x58 and x99 chipsets, but on other chipsets (including the current from signature) there was no need TSC sync. And it's strange, because this motherboards are very similar - Sky Lake multicore Xeon CPU, Cxxx series chipset, ECC memory, etc... Obviously MSR lock and TSC Sync are different things. The @KGP-iMacPro somehow got a solution to one of them, and on the basis of this "...Yet we witness some TSC desynchronisation of the Skylake-X threads at boot and wake from S3. Until further microcode updates are performed by the mainboard manufacturers, we therefore have to use the TSCAdjustRest.kext provided by @inteferenc (see error prevention 7.) in Section C.) of this guide)" i see that he is also counting on the solution of TSC Sync
  11. Just like that ... Version 1301 PRIME X299-DELUXE BIOS 1301 "Updated Intel CPU microcode. Improved system stability." ...nothing about MSR. Also BIOS updates released only for PRIME X299-DELUXE and WS C422 Pro/SE, the rest remained v0502, including your WS X299 PRO
  12. More ASUS WS C422 Pro/SE users are required. Anyone else have this motherboard?
  13. https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/forums/topic/331658-how-to-build-your-own-imac-pro-successful-buildextended-guide/
  14. Do you read this "Excellent news concerning CPU Power Management: ASUS, MSI and ASROCK mainboards allow now for manually unlocked the MSR 0xE2 BIOS Register and make any BIOS Firware patching obsolete." and this "Within the ASUS Prime X299 Deluxe BIOS firmware 1301, ASUS now allows upon my user request for the first time to manually unlock the MSR 0xE2 register within the most recent BIOS settings, which makes any additional firmware patching totally obsolete." from KGP's How to build your own iMac Pro [Successful Build/Extended Guide]