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  1. Hi. @obus Temporarily suspended due to financial problems. I hope I will be able to launch this fall along with the final release of 10.14
  2. New ASUS WS C422 BIOS v0702 released https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/WS-C422-PRO-SE/HelpDesk_BIOS/
  3. Question to moderators - The number of views is frozen on 6,594, and also I can not attach a file There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance.
  4. All ok. App Store update from 10.13.4
  5. Yes, thank you. In fact, even the weakest apple-like Xeon 8c/16t is not available for sale in my country and expensive for me. So this will be a special iMacPro edition for poor countries Probably W-2125 or even the W-2123. Sorry, I will not be able to repeat your configuration.
  6. A little bit about the nice thing to relieve the tension - today I got the WS C422 Pro / SE from the delivery service. The next is the choice of CPU ...
  7. And my config.plist I will also try iMacPro1.1 SMBIOS on my build. This may help clarify something
  8. ...but with patches from Pike R. Alpha.
  9. Bravo, obus! For comparisonAppleIntelInfo.txt from my config
  10. I think you are very close to this. But I have another unpleasant mention of past practice - the motherboard Gigabyte GA-X150 Plus WS. All reports showed an unlocked MSR, but without the KernelPM and AppelIntelCPUPM confidently caught KP.
  11. Also, I ordered this motherboard, so I'll join soon...
  12. This is a very good news. And this is bad, because we still have problems with MSR. Maybe I'm wrong, the gurus will correct, if not
  13. Hello again @obus. Hello, everyone. Perhaps, you should now try without any patches for the CPU...? (at your own risk) ... of course only with tsc sinc kext, if now you have an official BIOS v.0603
  14. No, sorry... It looks like GPU Cayman (Radeon HD69xx, FairePro V5900 and V7900) is problematic in 10.12 x. Look for a solution for Radeon HD6970. If not, then I recommend upgrading to FairePro W5000 or W7000. or downgrade to FirePro V4900(Turks)
  15. If you still did not find a solution... ...you need to edit plist in AMD6000Controller.kext and AMDRadeonX3000.kext