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  1. Thanks a lot! great guide, all we need now is a kext for intel 5100! Everything else works fine!
  2. can someone please give me the dsdt file and the kext mailnly for audio (alc 883) for GA-965P-S3 under 10.6.2
  3. wow downloader crashes my hackintosh

    thanx for the reply's i was sometime off.. well finally i found out that it was the 4 gb ram i have... i hope i find a fix for that.. for now i use maxmem=2048 and works fine!
  4. wow downloader crashes my hackintosh

    thanx, i'll try that..but i think i'll first try to install jas 10.5.2 ... his versions was always running smooth
  5. when i try to download the wow client from blizzard my hackintosh crashes grey screen of death my install is kalyways 10.5.1 updated to 10.5.2 with kernel 9.2.0 and nvidia 8500 with nvidia installer drivers... please any help would be apreciated...
  6. thanks i got wifi now working but i lost ethernet after i aplied the kext, my ethernet adapter is Marvell 8056 onboard on gigabyte GA-965P-S3 any help? i have 10.5.2
  7. well after a lot and various natit installs / kernel updates etc.... your drivers work smouthly Thanks a lot!!!
  8. well yeah , i didn't metion it. i have this with your driver installed... Thanks for the help though edit :nothing from above worked any suggestions??
  9. Thanx for the quick reply pci-e
  10. well mayby this answer have been told 100 times but i'm lost in all this pages. Well here is my problem I have an instal of kalyways and updated to 10.5.2 i used the driver provided here but i have no CI/QE suport nor opengl and i have a blinkink icon in the midle that says the power connector of my ati card is off. ps my card is x1950pro (7280)
  11. Greets on this great scene.. i just need a favore.. Bruce.. i have no idea of Chinese, and i need that patch, could you please upload it on rapidshare or something like that???? Uhhmm me again... well, nevermind.. Godbless translate.google.com