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  1. Hello dear friends I installed mac 10.5.2 Kalyway on my conroe 1333-D667 rev 1.0 whit the moffed bios from Kabyl (P1.80) but that bios does not recognize the card and the system won't boot i whent to asrock web and i found that only the bios P1.90 supports that card and i did a bios upgrade but mac won't start again i think that the new bios is also incompatible whit it, but i wanted to post it here to see if anyone has managed to boot mac whit bios P1.90 Thanks victor hugo. if this is not on the rigth category please tell me or move it please
  2. Help please whit my conroe 1333-D667 rev 1.0

    can you please make a modded bios p1.90?

    i lost mac on bios upgrade so my pc can recognize a ati hd 5xxx series


  3. Ubuntero1

    asrock Conroe 1333 and a reboot problem

    I installed Osx 10.5.2 whit the kabyl's moddified bios and everything works like a charm, but i got an ati hd 5xxx series and my bios does not recognize it, only the P1.90 and of course i lost my mac. is there a way to boot mac whit bios p1.90? thx