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  1. How do you say the "X" in OS X?

    I'd like to know precisely how many, because I was a thin {censored} until I moved in with my girlfriend and got engaged :?
  2. Longhorn/Vista? XP Warmed Over?

    After being a Microsoft Hater for several dozen years, I've grown to appreciate some of their innovations. I certainly think that their emphasis on backwards compatibility is a real drag -- a nice thing about Apples is that, generally, if the OS can be installed on a given machine, the machine will run the OS well (or at least decently). XP can be installed on machines that really shouldn't be running anything more than Win98, and damn near every machine running Win98 should be running Win95, and so on... another complaint is the wretched security, but unless I'm mistaken there are quite a few app-level kernel hooks in the ol' OS X, too... My real problem is that Windows is made for Grandmothers. I am not a grandmother (last I checked), and would appreciate being able to, say, disable the GUI and use the computer as a service machine. Or at least I would have until I discovered Linux, the BSDs, and OS X. I dunno, I just don't even view Windows as an option anymore. I want OS X on my desktops, Linux on my hobby boxes, FreeBSD on my servers, and OpenBSD on the firewall (even though I loathe Theo De Raadt). And I wouldn't mind having a Zeta machine to tinker with, come to think of it, and MorphOS looks cute although I've heard it's a piece of {censored}. I had a NeXTStation, a few SGI boxes, Solaris running on a short-lived Sun Ultra 10, and I'm ashamed to say that I've even attempted to run GNU/HURD ;-) That got a bit out-of-hand. I guess what I'm trying to say that yeah, Windows is an option... but only as much of an option as IRIX. Which is not going to happen. MS can hold my hand and guide me around the highly-complex and confusing process of clicking "Internet Exploiter" as much as they want (or, more likely, filing a bug report), but I have serious doubts that I'll ever go back to that {censored}.
  3. What OSes made by apple do you like?

    I really like the multitasking capabilities of the iPod OS, personally. Far superior to OS 9's.
  4. How do you say the "X" in OS X?

    Saying OS "Ex" makes me think about sex, which is a pretty good way to ruin what might have otherwise been a productive five minutes.
  5. Just bloody nice...

    I had an Indigo iMac Summer 2000 (350MHz, 320MB RAM), and OS X ran like {censored} on it. Utter {censored}. Dunno why, because I have an Indigo iBook (366MHz, 320MB RAM) that runs only a slight bit slower than my iBook G4 did. I think it's the video card -- my understanding is that this machine has an 8MB card, while the iMac had a 6. Not too sure about that. Interesting at any rate that this machine has 33MHz fewer on the bus, but still outperforms the bloody hell out of that iMac...
  6. Donate toward a Developers Kit

    I could do that for you. I have a FreeBSD box running Apache -- I could give you an account, if you want it. The only problem is that you'd have to type out the IP address to get to the site because I can't seem to change my nameservers to the Public DNS properly :-(