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  1. Retail Leopard on Asus P5K-E WIFI

    Hi, I've got this same mobo and I've tried installing that driver. It doesn't seem to detect the wifi at all. any idea what could be wrong? cheers, Matt
  2. AppleSMBIOSEFI for Tiger and Leopard

    Hi guys, I'm trying this and getting nowhere at all. I've installed the 10.5.5 vanilla SMBios and this alongside it. I can see that they're both getting loaded but when I bring up the hardware browser, it just says 'There was an error gathering this information'. any ideas? cheers, Matt
  3. ok - thanks. so how do I completely flush out the chameleon boot loader that was previously installed? I kind of thought that reformatting the partition would have sorted that out, no?
  4. Hi Munky, Sorry to quote my own post but your thread is getting updated so often, it's clean out of sight within a day! I forgot to mention that when I shutdown, I get a kp. restart is fine. I did have chameleon installed previously, could bits of that be causing issues? cheers, Matt
  5. Hi Munky, thanks for all this. I'm having a few problems still. I'm trying to use AppleSMBIOSEFI and AppleHDA (patched by taruga) but neither of them seems to be getting loaded correctly. any pointers on where to look for debugging? Also, I put the boot-uuid flag in the Kernel Flags in a Boot.plist in the EFI partition but it never seems to work. It's like half of it is working but not the other half. cheers, Matt
  6. hmm - I added a UUID to fstab to prevent it automounting an old boot partition. I wonder if that's it? It doesn't seem to pick up all my kext's either. Is there a log file produced anywhere so I can see what all the boot messages are as they fly past?
  7. good spot jokinawa. I wonder why it won't mount r/w. I'm glad I'm not the only one with the problem. munky - any thoughts?
  8. Chaps, You can see from my attachment, I'm doing everything right. It was all working fine until yesterday when this started happening. I'm using v2 btw. any more ideas? cheers, Matt
  9. Hi Guys, I was using this method successfully but now when I try to mount_hfs /dev/disk1s1 /Volumes/EFI, I get a message saying 'invalid argument' any idea what that is about? Matt
  10. Right. I've done absolutely everything I can think of with this and nothing works! I can't get anything to boot other than CD. I've tried to get things to boot from a USB drive and I just get the blinking cursor - what does that mean btw? no boot disk? I've got 1 disk, formatted as GUID, with leopard installed in 1 partition and the other as a data partition. The leopard partition is the 2nd partition on the disk, does this matter? The 1st partition was a 1gb 'boot' partition but as I couldn't get anywhere with that, I decided to try and get it to just boot the leopard partition. I've copied boot to / and I've created the /Extra/Extensions folder with my kexts in it. These are the same files that boot from CD with no problems so I know that are all ok. I've installed EFI Chameleon via OSXTools to the leopard partition. I've then run fdisk (via OSXTools) on the leopard partition and rebooted - blinking cursor. I'm using EFI strings and these are working as I expect so once I've got the bootloader from the CD, everything on the HD is ok I think. What am I doing wrong?! It's driving me crazy. Any help much appreciated. Matt
  11. surely an active partition doesn't mean anything in gpt? How can fdisk alter anything on a gpt? I have copied boot to / but I did it in finder. Are u saying I have to do it in terminal because the file is hidden? Cheers
  12. hi guys, I accidentally wiped my hack so I'm installing again. I created a boot-132 CD, booted off it, partitioned my drive with GUID, installed leopard. booted no probs from CD, updated to 10.5.5 now I try to install chameleon and copy the boot file to / and the Extras/Extensions to / as well. Nothing boots, just a blinking cursor. I always have to boot from CD. What gives?!! And what's this bit about using fdisk to mark a partition active on a drive that's GUID?! any help much appreciated. cheers, Matt
  13. AHCI ICH9 10.5.3?

    I've tried those kexts posted by ddrdark and my machine is back up and running now, thanks! I think the only thing I did differently was to replace the IOATAFamily.kext as well and it all fired into life. For 10.5.2, I was using the cyclonefr kexts from this thread which meant that I effectively had AppleAHCI + IOAHCIFamily from 10.5.3 and an IOATAFamily from cyclonefr. I wonder if it was the mix of those files causing the 'waiting for root device'. One final question - why do people replace the IOUSBFamily kext? My USB has always worked fine. What's the advantage of this version? cheers, Matt