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    Video card opinions

    Not the newest out there, but the 7970's work totally flawlessly and natively and even 4k@60hz on DisplayPort. Do *not* buy XFX versions. It's a crapshoot on those if you get a vbios that works right for the mac/hack.
  2. TurbineSeaplane

    OSX Driver for GTX 1080 aka 'Pascal'

    Might be a long wait - from the time of initial Maxwell release to supporting NVIDIA web drivers being released for OS X was about 6 months. Hard to know when (and if) it will happen.
  3. TurbineSeaplane

    [pre-release] OS X El Capitan 10.11.5

    Can you help a brother out... Where do I change that string to allow the current Web Drivers to work on 10.11.5 beta1? Thx!
  4. May I ask what the main drawbacks are for this? I'm thinking of doing this for my 80 year old uncle to have iMessage on his PC running Windows 10 as he also uses an iPhone & iPad (but has a Windows PC...very new one too) Would iMessage work on a virtual ElCap install? Perhaps Photos too? Thx all
  5. So I take it everyone else is also having the FCPX Transitions crash the program? I'm up to the latest 10.11.4 beta (this morning) and these brand new 06b01 NVIDIA drivers....same problem still.
  6. TurbineSeaplane

    Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    Anyone else having the issue where you can log in just fine but not actually use iMessage? Everyone's email/phone comes up as "not registered with iMessage" (but they actually are)