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  1. Fujitsu T-421X TabletPC

    So there IS a mini-PCI slot inside the T-421X chassis? I was under the impression that the Wifi was on the motherboard and not socketed. Where's the slot at and how hard is it to get to?
  2. Fujitsu T-421X TabletPC

    I currently have about 20 Fujitsu T series notebooks that I support, most are 4020s and 4210s. I've had very few problems and have had to send only 3 away for service in the past three years. Two 4020s had to go back for CPU Fan swaps (they were grinding) and my 4215 had to have a board swap because of some serious APM issues. Everytime the turnaround on repairs was less than 5 days and everytime Fujitsu has matched my overnight shipping for the return. If you can't get their phone support try the online chat of the web page...I've used it several times and they will RMA without having you call (unlike some online service chats. *cough* Gateway). Anyway, Kash your PC Card slot works then? I've tried a couple of PC Card WiFi cards (broadcom-based, following the guide I found here somewhere) but neither seemed to be recognized by the system. Not sure if its the card not initializing or the card slot not initializing.
  3. Fujitsu T-421X TabletPC

    Here's my ioreg output with the standard Intel 3945ABG installed. Too bad there's no miniPCI slot..... rex_ioreg.txt
  4. Fujitsu T-421X TabletPC

    Thanks, that fixed it. The Tablet now works fine although I must say that Apple's Ink doesn't seem to be as good as I was hoping. Granted, I do write like a serial killer. If I could just get Audio and Wifi working this thing would be nearly 100% functional!
  5. Fujitsu T-421X TabletPC

    Ok, this has got the Tablet on my T4215 working but the tracking is WAY off. The X axis is totally exagerated, i.e. moving the pen 1/16" sends the cursor flying and the Y axis sensitivity is exactly the opposite. The digitizer settings in TabletMagic are "locked" so I can't see a way to affect the sensitivity/tracking of the pen. Any ideas on where I've gone wrong?
  6. Fujitsu T-421X TabletPC

    Ok, the Power Management now works. Ethernet works! Still no go on graphics and sound though. Not sure why since the procedure that fixed the Ethernet is the same for the other two. Just to confirm: If I go to About This Mac, Graphics/Displays I'm showing GMA 950 has my chipset and down below it says "Not Supported" for Quartz Extreme. And in System Preferences, Sounds I'm showing "No Output Devices Found". So in short: Works - Power Management, Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth, Fingerprint(detected at least) Not working - Graphics(QE), Sound, Digitizer, WiFi
  7. Fujitsu T-421X TabletPC

    I'm trying to get JAS 10.4.8 running on my Fujitsu 4215. I need the modified Yukon drivers from your first post but the link seems to be dead....