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  1. Updated the bootloader. Not really miracle salvation With the dsdt I found here, Black screen on boot. With a dsdt found on kexts.com boot works. Audio broken. In the end I was able to go into sleep and wake-up. A few minutes after wake-up, kernel panic. Ouch... Searched the logs but couldn't find a reason. So, reboot... Try to sleep again. Wake up... Black screen. It worked once (well, with a nice Kernel Panic to top it off), but now I'm back to black screening. Some dsdt tweaking should do the trick. But I have no idea where to start. Is there like good documentation or a commented file to be found anywhere? In any case, Bertmann. Vielen dank! I'm sure if you would post a 'donate now' button somewhere here, your fans would show their gratitude
  2. I think this got fixed in one of the later versions of Chameleon 2. If you are on RC 2/3, try 4.
  3. Hey all, I have my machine up and running thanks to this guide for over 8 months now. Never had serious issues. Only this time I have a slight annoyance... My sleep is broken! It goes to sleep fine but doesn't wake up (Power LED goes on, screen stays blank) Using 10.6.4 with appropriate SleepEnabler.kext Is anyone else seeing this behavior?
  4. Where is Maxxuss?

    I think indeed Maxxus is working for someone. Why wouldn't he share his knowledge with us otherwise? He just keeps coming up with these magical solutions without release of source code, comments or anything. Anyway, it's just a computer. We can all write code, we just have to think. We'll manage to patch any release that comes out. But it's important that we keep organised. Tell each other what we find and how we did it. Open Source is not just free software you know.. Anyway, Maxxus you did some amasing {censored}. But just HOW?
  5. OSx86 10.4.4 Leaked

    Wouldn't there be a way to emulate EFI?
  6. I wonder how long it wil take untill we see anti-tpm-patched versions of 10.4.4 in the wild... Anyway, MacIntel looks bloody great. Webstore seems to be overloading here in Belgium I'm still hoping Autodesk will produce their Autocad and 3Ds max for OS X. I'm an industrial designer and those application are the only thing that's keeping me stuck to windows... But now with X86... I see hope
  7. HELP, how can I install OS X?

    Try and disable native-usb-keyboard support in your bios. This may sound silly, but it worked for me...