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  1. EeePC 1000H Snow Leopard 10.6.4 Tutorial

    Hello everyone I installed my hackintosh, but I hate the Ralink app that start automatically, so I write 2 applescript application. One (ModifyRalinkApp) is for modify the WirelessUtilityCardbusPCI app to not show any icon in the Dock. This also affect the app list in cmd+tab. You can use my script if you choose the default location for Ralink app. If you didn't, you can open the script with applescript editor and change the path of the .app package. The other (HideRalink) is for auto-hiding the windows that come up at startup. This time you have to copy it to your preferred location (I choose the Utility folder under Application) and set the app to start at login. Again: if you want to make sure I didn't write malicious code, you can open the script through the applescript editor (do it! for both the script!) Let me know if you have some issue with them. EDIT: I made a mistake with a file... I remove the zip, it will be uploaded again soon. EDIT 2: I don't understand why the HideRalink script is not working if loaded at startup... can someone try it and reporting if it works? RalinkMod.zip