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  1. Anyone know why apple do not have complete cookie control in Safari liek the rest of the browser allow.. This is the only thing holding me back from using safari.. I want to control who and what when it comes to cookies..
  2. I own a LBP-1100 which is one of these CAPT printers originally designed for Windows only.. I was able to get it working under Linux however it seems this is un-supported on OSX? Can anyone shed some light on this one way or another.. Also any recomendations for a decent Laser Printer supported by OSX for home office use? Thanks in advance..
  3. Is there anyway to improve upon font rendering on the iMacs.. It is quite dis-appointing.. What are the best font types to be using with certain applications? Textmate is dredful even some website are just plain {censored}.. Any suggestions for font improvements on the iMac would be most welcome..
  4. Omniweb Browser

    Anyone try this? http://www.omnigroup.com/applications/omniweb/
  5. I got bugs in me finder

    Searched Apples forums and found a fix.. Turns out Stuffit "Stuffed It" up when it was installed and added itself to the "Contextual Menu Items" I dragged the "StuffItCM.plugin" item out of the "Contextual Menu Items" folder and problem is no more..
  6. Anyone know of an annoying bug with finder? I can open any finder window click the secondary button 3-6 times and the window disappears as do the icons on the desktop.. I thought it was something to do with the mouse so I switched mice.. Nope still does it.. Then I decided to try it on the desktop.. No windows open right mouse click between 3-6 times and finder seems to crash and reload.. I can even produce it holding down the control key and clicking the primary button.. Ugh!! Anyone else able to reproduce it? iMac with 10.4.8 fully updated.. Cheers..
  7. OSx86

    I too just became a new Intel Mac owner.. My path was a bit shorter but none the less I now own a 20" iMac.. I went from OSX86 in VMware on Linux to a a used iBook to an iMac.. This in the span of about 4 or 5 months.. I doubt I would have ever followed the path I did if it were not for OSX86, this site and of corse all the people who made it possible.. Price was not an issue with me stability was and I gave up on windows years ago and never looked back.. I don't play games so I have no need for Windows.. Linux is awesome and I have been using it for years now, but I was tired of havng to tweak and tweak everytime you made any sort of above normal change.. I was impressed with OSX more than anything else in my years in IT and wonder why I never gave it a look before now.. Strange how things work out.. I believe OSX86 is a good thing for apple and I agree with EPDM's idea on how Apple could pick and choose a default set of supported hardware and allow OSX onto machines for people who want to build em themselves etc.. Someday I believe they just might..
  8. Can anyone report on the stability of VMware-Fusion-e.x.p-36932 beta.. This is the latest one they are allowing for download.. My only interest is to setup a linux LAMP VM for php/mysql coding purposes.. I could care less about windoze.. Cheers...
  9. Your Next Computer

    An iMac.. And it arrived today..
  10. The Ultimate Web Browser

    No need for any ad blocking add ons that take up resources.. is your best friend.. http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.htm Opera all platforms..
  11. M$ Office for Mac - Is it worth it?

    I have used Abi word in the past.. I'll have a look.. Is there a spreadsheet equivelant to Abi Word for the Mac? The Mac Office 2008 is look pretty good.. Anyone else read or seen the feature list?
  12. I'm wondering if all the experienced Mac users can comment on whether M$ Office for Mac is worth the investment.. I wonder how the other alternatives stand up on the Mac? I have used OOO for Linux for sometime now and have never had any document exchange issues with M$ Office for Windows users.. Except of course when propriatary functions are used with M$ Office.. My preference is to use something native to the Mac interface for office automation apps. Any feedback would be most welcome.. Cheers.. cel...........
  13. My iBook Training Machine

    Hi Alicheusz, I'm running the latest Opera for the Mac.. I have been using Opera since its begining and it always took a little longer than the other browsers to load.. I still think it is the best though, it has always been way ahead of its time.. I have never used Safari and plan to use it for awhile to take her for a test drive.. Intitial impressions have been good.. It seems to be very fast at rendering.. cel...........
  14. My iBook Training Machine

    Hi Alicheusz, I did a fresh reboot and started up the following applications.. Safari - 2 bounces and about 5 seconds to appear on screen and another 5 seconds for apples default start page to load.. Opera - 15 bounces and about 16 seconds to load.. Had local html file for home page.. (My Primary Browser) iTunes - 5 bounces and about 13 seconds to load.. Has an empty library though.. Digg loaded fine and so did you tube.. played some of the shorts on the home page and they played fine.. User cpu % hovered around 30% for most sites I browsed.. You tube spiked up and down not really staying steady.. My use will be limited to surf email and maybe some light coding for application evaluation.. I really don't plan to use it for too much music or video stuff.. I did run a DVD and it worked just fine for me.. Hope that helps.. cel...........
  15. TextEdit How do I....

    Any suggestions on apps would be helpful thanks.. I'm not too fussed when it comes to html.. Since I code it from the source level it really doesn't matter too much.. I normally use Zend IDE for my php coding so by default I use it to do html as well.. However sometimes I just need to do a quick html edit so I use any ole plain text editor.. I'm curious about this little product and plan to give it a go.. http://macrabbit.com/cssedit/ Cheers..