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  1. front i/o port Power Mac G5 (Late 2005)

    @BlackCH, you just eased my paranoia big time! I ordered an old front panel for 20 bucks and I'm hoping that'll do it. I'm planning on making this a "no solder build" lol. Hopefully the power button isn't an issue. I don't actually have the parts I ordered in front of me to take photos for you to confirm for me lol. I'm currently teaching abroad and shipped everything to my parents house but I feel much better. Why would they change how the power button connects anyway right?
  2. front i/o port Power Mac G5 (Late 2005)

    I definitely bought a late G5 case before I realized there was a difference in the front panel I also bought a cable for an early one so I could have a nice plug and play experience as I don't solder. I'll be watching this intensely. Maybe someday you will make a nice and easy cable for idiots like me to buy?
  3. How to Build Front Panel Cable G5 Late 2005

    Hi there, did you ever figure this out? I def accidentally ordered an early 2005 cable from someone.
  4. G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    is the cable the same for a late 2005 G5 and an early 2005 G5 case and front panel? I ordered already and didn't even think about it. I have a late G5 case...if you do that and the early doesn't work I'd like one. I PMed you as well. Thanks in advance!!!