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  1. No splitting the motherboards and case unless I have offers for both and cash in hand already. Just FYI- I don't really want to be stuck with one or the other.
  2. As the title says, a Sony VAIO UX280P for trade. Specs: http://www.amazon.com/Sony-VGN-UX280P-4-5-...r/dp/B000IALP88 Comes with an extra AC adapter, perfect when you travel between 2 places. I also purchased a new battery for it several months ago. Perfect for the small hackintosh for on the go. Machine will come wiped to factory defaults. Looking for any interesting trades, cash offers will be considered. ----------- Macintosh G5 stripped computer I purchased this G5 and it came without the processors. I'm assuming that the processors went bad and they took it out. Selling as-is. Included are the G5 motherboard (for dual 2.5GHz processors), cabling, front electronics, and case itself. Everything else have been parted out. $180 shipped in the continental US. I have refs under heatware.com.
  3. PowerMac G5 Case

    I have a feeling they're B grade cases or do not have any of the internals. Make sure you factor their shipping costs as well.
  4. PowerMac G5 Case

    Includes Case, front button electronics, case cabling, plastic air flow cover, fans (all), CPU Cover, Motherboard (bad). $200 shipped to your door in the USA. Hawaii and Alaska extra.
  5. PowerMac G5 Case or all

    I'll get pics up later today.... bump.
  6. PowerMac G5 Case or all

    to the top...
  7. PowerMac G5 Case or all

    Sorry, San Diego, CA United States.
  8. WTB Powermac G5 Powersupply

    Check out my thread: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=90752 Basically its an almost brand new 600W PSU. Bought about 3 months ago straight from Apple.
  9. I came across a PowerMac G5 2.5GHz Dual processor, Watercooled, 1GB Memory, 80GB HDD, SuperDrive. Basically everything on it is good except for the motherboard. The PSU definitely works as it was replaced less than 3 months ago. Powers up and then does nothing- local Apple techs deem the motherboard needs to be replaced. I'm looking to part this out for parts for you hackintosh builders out there, or if someone wants to try to get it to work by getting a new mobo or fixing it, its up to you. G5 Case - $260 shipped. Everything $600 shipped. LMK. I have heatware under wpd7- what a surprise!
  10. Like it says, an X6800 ES. Slightly used, never OCed, but it has great potential as on overclocker. Interested in trades as well, hit me up if you have something to offer. Looking for $800.
  11. I have: GA-965P-S3 Motherboard X6800 Intel C2D Extreme ES nVidia 6800 4GB Memory The only thing that would work and not have any issues is just a straight install with no video/sound drivers. just EFI for GUID and Vanilla kernel w/ ACPI fix. If I add any drivers on a Kalyway install- instant Kernel panic on boot. Can someone help me get my sound up and get QE/CI 1440x900 resolution running/working? Currently says QE not supported and CI Software. 1024x768 is the only resolution available. Also says that I have 4GB of memory, but when you look under memory, it shows that I have 2x 1GB DIMMS, although I have 2 x 2GB DIMMS.
  12. Brand new unless otherwise noted! 7 Brand new Apple Remote $20 each 1 Opened unused available- $15 The Apple Store (U.S.) - Apple Remote 3 Brand New Apple wired Mighty Mouse $35 each The Apple Store (U.S.) - Apple wired Mighty Mouse Used Apple black optical mouse $20 2 Brand New White Apple Full Keyboard $30 each http://www.apple.com/r/store/gallery/emac2003/images/5.jpg Full AL iMac Peripheral set- new unused Wired AL full keyboard, wired mighty mouse, apple remote, and Leopard DVD (CPU drop in kit)! $160 Apple stickers included! May be open to trades- just hit me up.
  13. SOLD- Thanks nagal!

    I already have 2 buyers lined up at my asking price plus shipping. Just waiting on payment as I promised to hold it until Friday for the first buyer.
  14. SOLD- Thanks nagal!

    SOLD- Thanks nagal!
  15. I think Italy may be a bit far, but if you want to pay the shipping and any taxes, why not.