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  1. I am running 10.5.3 and I've got an x1900xtx (0x72491002) and I've tried every driver package available (efi, injector, etc), and the only benefit I get is 1280x1024 instead of 1024x768 as the default resolution, but I don't get any acceleration (no qe/ci/res change) - what should I try from here?
  2. My system booted the dvd (JAS 10.4.8 Final SSE2/SSE3), installed everything without any problems. I also tried booting in verbose and everything seems fine! After the installation is done, it reboots and if the computer starts with the DVD in… it says: “system config file ‘/com.apple.boot.plist’ not found” and it stops. If I reboot without the DVD in, I get a little cursor blinking on the top left and nothing happens! I can’t even press F8 anywhere. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I've searched before posting but I was not able to find anything. The system is an Intel P4 (sse2 only, no sse3 or em64t) on ICH5